Best Budget Electric Bikes for 2023: Here Are a Few Reviews

Looking for the best budget electric bike? Check out our top 5 options. From Aventon to KBO and Euphree, here are the e-bikes deserving of a closer look.

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What Are Budget Electric Bikes?
How Did We Rank and Review the Best Budget Electric Bikes?
Top 5 Budget Electric Bikes: Reviews
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Expensive bikes are not always the best option. Yes, they come with many quality parts and a great build, but they require a larger investment that might or might not be possible for many. 

If you’re looking for the best budget electric bike, you’ve come to the right place, as we have narrowed the list down to the top five options for 2023. To learn more about them, read the rest of this review!

What Are Budget Electric Bikes?

A budget electric bike comes with all the features of an electric bike but is also affordable. An affordable electric bike must have a capable electric motor and a lasting battery. The other features and capabilities can vary depending on the specific bike you’re looking into.

How Did We Rank and Review the Best Budget Electric Bikes?

When ranking and reviewing the best budget electric bikes, the part we focused most on was the price. We wanted to present only the bikes that come at affordable prices but also have many great features. 

In essence, an affordable bike does not always have to mean it has low performance or parts of poor quality. We also paid attention to the build, components, and capabilities to ensure the bikes we present are top-notch.

Finally, it all came down to five bikes that we considered the best options for people on a tight budget. 

Top 5 Budget Electric Bikes: Reviews

Let's get right into the detailed reviews of our five favorite budget electric bicycles currently available on the market:

The Aventon Level is not as affordable as the other bikes we’ll review, but it’s worth looking into because it has many great capabilities. The aluminum frame is extremely durable, whereas the step-thru design allows bikers to easily climb on and off the bike. Thanks to the overall output of 750W, you’ll be effortlessly gliding around town while not getting stuck in traffic.


  • On-demand throttle is available

  • Five levels of pedal assist

  • Ergonomic grip on the handlebars


  • Tire tubes are not puncture-resistant

  • No integrated lights on the bike

The bike's range is 40 miles, whereas its top speed is around 28 miles/hour. That makes the bike a perfect investment for beginner bikers. It also comes with a quick-charging lithium-ion removable battery, ensuring you charge the battery and return to the trails within a few hours.

The Aventon Pace is a lovely e-bike with pedal assist, throttle options, and an extended range of 60 miles on a single charge. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes make riding comfortable, but the extra-padded seat also contributes toward the comfort of the bike.


  • Integrated turn signals

  • Extended range of 60 miles

  • Improved torque sensor


  • Heavy and large, so difficult to lift or transport

  • The display may be difficult to read in direct sunlight

Aside from the fact the bike is heavy and the display could be better, there is little we could find wrong with it. We love that there are integrated front and back lights and turn signals to add visibility for those riding at night.

If there’s one thing you can get from Euphree's City Robin, it’s all-around comfort. The bike has a step-thru frame perfect for bikers of all heights, whereas the swept handlebars have improved ergonomics to keep your hands comfortable. Thanks to the rear rack, you can add over 100 pounds of weight to the bike, whereas the rider should not exceed 285 pounds.


  • Integrated front and rear lights for improved visibility

  • Tektro hydraulic brakes for instant stopping

  • 100mm suspension fork makes the bike comfortable for riding over bumps


  • Top speed is only 20 mph

  • A bit heavy and difficult to transport at 58 lbs.

Unlike most affordable bikes with compromised quality, the City Robin has all the great parts you need. It has a solid range of 60 miles, a powerful motor with 850W peak output, and a battery life that can last for hours. That makes it a great electric bicycle to commute around town.

The KBO Hurricane is one of the lightest electric bikes you’ll find on the market, but it still comes with parts that help make it a great choice for urban commuting. The motor power is between 250W and 350W, whereas the pedal assist is good for only up to 20 mph. That means you can get some help while riding, but it won’t be too much to feel overpowering.


  • Quite lightweight at 36 lbs., making it easy to lift and carry

  • The rear wheel integrated battery is fully protected at all times

  • Comfortable saddle and ergonomic rubber grips


  • Mechanical disc brakes are not as good as hydraulic ones

  • The top speed is only 20 mph

What we love about the Hurricane is that it perfectly combines the features of electric and traditional bikes. It may not be an electric mountain bike, as the tires are not built for off-road biking, but it’s an amazing option for urban commuting at a fast pace.

The Discover 1 is a more recent electric bike, but it’s received much praise thanks to its amazing build and great color palette. The bike frame is built from sturdy aluminum but is also available in two sizes to accommodate riders of various heights.


  • Powerful internally integrated battery that is fully protected from damage

  • Three pedal assist levels

  • Integrated lights on the front and back


  • Could use a better suspension fork for added comfort while off-roading

  • Claimed range of 80 miles is an overstatement, as the range is usually only around 50 miles

This extremely versatile bike is suitable for road, gravel, and urban riding but also offers a walk mode. We would have liked to see a wider range and better speed, but even with its current capabilities, the Discover 1 is a budget electric bike worth looking into.

The Propella Mini is the most affordable and lightweight electric bike we’ve encountered. It lacks in a few key areas, as quality is somewhat compromised to make the low price possible, but it still has many great features. It’s very comfortable, sturdy, and suitable for riding on all terrain.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport at 33 lbs.

  • Compact size, making it suitable even for shorter bikers

  • Handlebar-mounted display comes at no extra charge


  • Mechanical instead of hydraulic brakes

  • Range is only about 35 miles, making it half the range offered on bicycles of similar cost

We’re big fans of hydraulic brakes and how they function, so the bike's mechanical brakes bother us. We’d love to see those changed in the future, while a wider range wouldn’t hurt either.

Wrap Up

Thank you for reading this guide! Remember that the best budget electric bike is the Aventon Level Budget eBike, but it’s not the most affordable bike on our list. If you’re willing to compromise quality for a lower price, consider checking out the Propella Mini Budget eBike.

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