Class 3 Electric Bikes: 6 Options for Your Next Ride

Looking for an electric bike to help you commute quickly and easily? We put the best class 3 electric bikes through rigorous testing to give you the most accurate and informative guide.

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What Is a Class 3 Electric Bike?
How Did We Rank the Best Class 3 Electric Bikes?
Top 6 Best Class 3 Electric Bikes: Our Detailed Guide
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Tired of mundane, snail-paced commutes? We've all been there: stuck in traffic, time ticking away, the monotony draining our energy.

That's where our list of best class 3 electric bikes steps in. Discover the power, speed, and benefits of these electrifying rides in our buying guide. We’ll show why your next commute could be a thrilling, wind-in-your-hair adventure.

What Is a Class 3 Electric Bike?

A class 3 electric bike, also known as a "speed pedelec," is mostly powered by a 750W motor and a maximum speed of up to a brisk 28 mph. But here's the catch—it only kicks in while you're actively pedaling.

Many of these electric bikes prefer the pedal-assist system, letting your effort control the pace. However, some come with a throttle, giving you an extra jolt when needed.

Keep in mind, though, local regulations can vary, and class 3 electric bikes might be restricted to certain areas or require special licensing due to their higher speeds.

How Did We Rank the Best Class 3 Electric Bikes?

We don't just glance at an e-bike and call it a day. Nope, we put each class 3 model through its paces, testing its speed, comfort, durability, and value for money. We compare them with other electric bikes of similar nature to give you a well-rounded perspective. There's no sugarcoating here—if an electric bike doesn't meet our standards, you'll be the first to know.

We don't rely on numbers alone: we physically take each class 3 electric bike for a spin, clocking miles on diverse terrains and in various weather conditions. We also evaluate seating, suspension, and the overall riding experience.

Plus, we don't overlook the tiny details either—everything from the intuitiveness of digital displays to the effectiveness of integrated lights gets assessed.

Top 6 Best Class 3 Electric Bikes: Our Detailed Guide

We've compiled a list of top-notch class 3 electric bikes you should keep on your radar this season. Let's take a sneak peek.

The Blix Dubbel takes your cargo needs seriously, delivering plenty of power and versatility. Whether it's a front basket, a back child seat, or a side bag, this electric bike adapts to your lifestyle.

With its noiseless 750W motor and dual-battery option, you're set for a smooth ride, no matter the distance. Plus, it has robust Kevlar tech tires and hydraulic brakes to tackle bike paths and country roads.

However, the one-size frame may not fit all riders comfortably, and a low-set kickstand might cause occasional hiccups.


  • Nearly silent motor

  • Puncture-resistant tires

  • Versatile 8-gear system

  • Efficient hub-drive


  • Pricier with the second battery

  • Low-set kickstand

The Blix Dubbel is your all-rounder transport solution, promising a dynamic, comfortable ride with ample cargo capabilities. Could this be your car replacement? You decide!

The Ride1UP Roadster is one of the top class 3 electric bikes if you want something modern with a classic feel. Its quick motor engagement means you'll always stay caught up.

The easy-to-read LCD keeps you updated on speed, battery level, and distance. Plus, it's no slouch in the style department, with multiple colors to match your personality.

The Roadster shines in city commutes, boasting a wide range of 20-30 miles per charge. But remember, it's not built for challenging terrain—the single gear might limit you, and the narrow handlebars may become uncomfortable over long rides.


  • Rapid motor engagement

  • Lightweight frame

  • Short charge time of 2-4 hours


  • Uncomfortable handlebars

  • Limited power on hills

The Ride1UP Roadster is a vintage-inspired electric bike with modern features that will make your daily commute a breeze on flat grounds.

If your spirit yearns for hills and off-road thrills, the Magicycle Cruiser could be your perfect electric bike companion. This class 3 monster is designed to effortlessly traverse tough terrain and ascend inclines, leaving other bikes panting.

You can enjoy a tailor-made ride experience with its seven pedal-assist levels and stay informed with a comprehensive, vivid LCD. Plus, this e-bike turns heads with its rugged, bold design and fat tires that laugh in the face of punctures.

However, it's not without its imperfections. Its braking system leaves room for improvement, and its exceptional top speed might raise eyebrows at local law enforcement.


  • Ergonomic handlebars

  • Seven pedal-assist levels for a custom ride

  • Puncture-resistant tires


  • Subpar brakes

The Magicycle Cruiser is a robust, versatile e-bike engineered for people who love challenging the elements. A few minor gripes aside, it promises an exhilarating and satisfyingly rugged ride.

Need an e-bike that won't back down from any terrain? The Ride1Up Rift could be your next adventure pal. With its wider tires, robust front suspension, and mighty 750W motor, it can tackle everything from city streets to untamed trails.

Its hydraulic disc brakes won't let you down when it counts. A step-through frame makes for easy mounting and dismounting, while its eight gears provide a range of speed options.


  • Storage savvy with a rear rack

  • Ultra-stable fat tires

  • Instant, secure braking power


  • Weight restrictions on the cargo rack

  • Not suitable for petite riders

If you seek adventure across varied terrains, the Ride1Up Rift offers a robust, dependable ride with strength and adaptability.

The Aventon Pace is another solid class 3 electric bike with premium features. It offers both step-through and step-over frame options. For added safety, integrated turn signals boost your visibility on roads. 

This bike impresses with two variants—the robust 500W and the more modest 350W motor.

This e-bike keeps you comfortable and alert with its swept-back handlebars and upright seating position. A clear LCD display keeps you informed about your speed and range.


  • Smooth torque sensor

  • Safety-enhancing turn signals

  • Relaxed riding posture

  • App-integration capabilities via LCD display


  • Limited range on the lowest power

The Aventon Pace, though a bit more of an investment, provides value with its unique safety features and versatile design.

Final Words

Whether you're seeking to weave through city streets, conquer hilly landscapes, or demand a versatile all-rounder, our carefully curated list of the best class 3 electric bikes has something to match your style.

Don't be afraid to invest a little extra if it means you're getting a ride that's safer, comfortable, and more suited to your lifestyle.

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