Comfortable Electric Bike Seats for 2023

If you’re looking for the best seat for your electric bike, read this guide to learn more about the best seats currently available on the market.

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What is an eBike Seat?
How Did We Rank the Best eBike Seats?
Top 5 eBike Seats: Reviews
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A cushioned seat with the best padding and a comfortable exterior will help you ride for miles and miles without feeling any pressure on your seat bones or soft tissue. When you find the perfect eBike, you’ll inevitably need the best eBike seat to take your bike to the next level. To learn more about the best seats for eBikes, read the rest of this review!

What is an eBike Seat?

An electric bike seat is a seat you can fit on an electric bike. Considering these bikes have a different frame than regular bikes, you must focus only on bikes that fit the classic eBike frame. Such seats are the five mentioned below, so don’t hesitate to read the detailed reviews and find the perfect one for you.

How Did We Rank the Best eBike Seats?

Our dedicated review team at RideReview always does meticulous research and testing of all products we recommend. Regarding the seats reviewed in today's guide, we tested each for comfort, durability, breathability, adjustability, shock absorption, padding type, and materials used. You can learn more about these categories in the detailed reviews.

Top 5 eBike Seats: Reviews

Here are the top five eBike seats that you should consider adding to your electric bike to make it more comfortable: 

Hasagei is a company started by bikers who wanted to create convenient biking equipment for other bikers. They knew the importance of having a comfortable seat suitable for longer trips, which they achieved with this padded gel seat with a hollow design. This affordable bike seat is a great choice for everyone looking to increase and get amazing ergonomics from a seat that will last.


  • Ergonomic design suitable for men and women

  • Seat opening for better breathability

  • Fatty Gel seat that enhances comfort

  • Reflective strips for better visibility at night


  • Bolts that come with the seat can rust easily

  • Might not fit all bikes

What we loved most about this seat is that it does not add too much weight to the bike, but increases comfort tremendously. You can fit this seat with most seat tubes, but contact the company to ensure the seat will fit your electric bike.

Mountain biking is not reserved only for those who bike a lot—it can also be a fun pastime for recreational bikers and those just getting started with biking. You need a great seat to stay comfortable throughout the trip, and if you want an affordable yet convenient solution, this Bikeroo oversized bike seat is the perfect option.


  • High-density foam padding for a comfortable ride

  • Center cutout for increased breathability when riding

  • Ergonomic design that allows bikers to stay in an upright position


  • Durability might not be the best

  • Might be a bit too short at the front

What we loved about this seat is that it decreases the effect of bumps and can be fitted to any bike, while also being suitable for bikers weighing up to 240 pounds. 

The C-17 is a comfortable bike seat that’s part of a larger line from a well-established company with a long tradition—Brooks. This comfortable bike seat has no padding but a plush outside that will be good for your soft tissues and sitting bones. However, the breathability might be compromised, considering the design has no openings.


  • Available in several colors to fit the bike's design

  • Comfy bike seat with a vulcanized rubber base

  • The outside material is organic cotton

  • Suitable for longer trips on bumpy terrain


  • On the heavier side

  • Might not fit all bike frames

We loved that this electric bike seat was made with high-quality materials and has a vulcanized rubber base and organic cotton exterior. Still, this will not be everyone's cup of tea, as the price is quite high.

This Enduro saddle from Ergon comes at a heftier price, so it might not fit everyone's price range. The price is the only problem you’ll encounter with this saddle. Apart from that, it’s available in two sizes: it also has great padding, a drainage point that makes it suitable for riding in all kinds of weather, and offers amazing overall durability and comfort.


  • Supreme ventilation

  • Flat shape for easier adjusting to all types of terrain

  • Comfortable padded edges

  • Orthopedic foam for better pressure distribution


  • Design isn’t suitable for women

  • Pricier than most other bike seats

What we love about this saddle is that it‘s made to fit the seat bones of men to perfection so that they can stay comfortable even on longer trips. For women who want to check out similar seats, there are different designs made to fit them well, but the Enduro from Ergon is made only for male riders.

YoungDo is a company that has been making comfortable bike saddles since 2017. The saddle that we’re reviewing today has waterproof leather on the outside and cushy padding on the inside. On the saddle, you can also find excellent shock absorption that makes the saddle perfect for off-road and mountain biking. Considering the price is quite affordable, you can get the saddle and use it interchangeably with the saddle you use for road biking.


  • Weather-resistant material on the saddle

  • Suitable for all kinds of bikes, including mountain, road, etc.

  • Amazing shock absorption

  • Opening in the middle for better breathability


  • The wide front might not be comfortable for male bikers

  • The outside covering is a bit too thin

What we love about this saddle is that, apart from the easy installation that takes seconds, you get all the tools needed for no extra cost. That means installation will be effortless, which is always good!

Wrap Up

After reading this guide, we hope you know which is the best eBike seat based on your needs and preferences. You won’t make a mistake by investing in any of the seats featured in this guide!

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