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If you are looking to buy an ebike bag take a look at our guide. We have reviewed the five best ebike bags for you to choose from.

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The use of electric bikes is growing every day and many people prefer ebikes over traditional bikes. They are a new sustainable means of transportation for smart cities of the future.

One of the best things about this environment-friendly mode of transportation is the accessories that you can use with it. eBike bags are one of the accessories that can help bring ease and comfort to your rides and they also add to the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

eBikes are used by all sorts of people for daily commutes, travel and adventure, fitness, and more. Each user has different needs and therefore may require different accessories. Common ebike accessories include bottle cages, helmets, lock pumps, and ebike bags.

eBike bags are designed to cater to the needs of all types of riders. Your ebike bag can distinguish you from other riders. It also allows you to easily transport necessities for your travel while still keeping the bike light so you can move easily.

There is a wide variety of ebike bags available online and in stores, which may cause some confusion when it comes to choosing the one that is right for you. To help with your search, we have made a list of some of the best ebike bags on the market.

Read our complete guide to know which bag best suits your needs.


What size of ebike bag do I need?

When shopping for a bag, make sure to take a look at the sizing charts and measurements. Measure your ebike before you start so you can have all the information handy. Bags either come in multiple sizes, or offer a “one size fits all” option.

Are ebike bags waterproof?

Some, yes! You can find waterproof ebag bikes in our buyers guide below. Whether you are riding in the rain, or just splashing through some puddles, you won’t have to worry about your bag.

Are ebike bags expensive?

eBike bags can vary in price. Typically, a dependable bag will cost you anywhere from $50 to $150. As always, there are exceptions on both sides of the price range.

Our Top 5 Bag Picks

The brand’s name “ArcEnCiel” is derived from the French word meaning rainbow. The company aims to develop high-quality, innovative, and sustainable products. Its current product line includes computer bags, kids' bags, mountaineering bags, travel bags, and saddle bags.

The ArcEnCiel bike bag is a canvas bag perfect for long-distance travel. The bag is made from a high-density vintage canvas and PU coating, providing adequate resistance against abrasion, tears, and water.

The top bundle belt allows for added space if used as a larger carry-on. For instance, if you are planning to go camping, you can take your tent with you secured under the bundle belt. A firm and tight load is ensured via a solid mount mechanism.

  • Waterproof, tear and abrasion resistant

  • Appropriate for most bicycles

  • Simple design

  • Looks a bit old-fashioned

  • Brand: ArcEnCiel

  • Size: ‎16.8 x 16.5 x 3.1 inches

  • Weight: 4.85 lb

  • Capacity: Up to 13 gallons

  • Material: Canvas

  • Price: $68


The bag’s integrated handle belt at the top makes hoisting and removing it easy. The buckle strap enables easy mounting and dismounting without using any additional tools.

The bag is extremely lightweight and thanks to its wide reflective leather, you can have safer night rides and improved visibility even in low light conditions.

The material used on this bag ensures that your belongings stay safe inside. It provides space for almost everything, so you don't have to worry about missing any items when you’re riding.

For longer trips, a capacity of up to 13 gallons is ideal. Get yourself this spacious bag if you routinely travel great distances.

Rockbros was established by a group of cycling enthusiasts in 2005. Since its founding, the company’s goal has been to develop premium quality cycling goods at reasonable prices.

The ROCKBROS bike pannier bag is made with high-density 840D nylon and is covered in TPU film. The bag's material is highly protective and allows you to travel without worrying about your possessions getting damaged or wet. The bag’s exterior is easy to clean using a wet cloth, saving you both time and energy during muddy path journeys.

The bag has a large capacity of 27 liters, and you can easily keep a change of clothes in it if you need to. For quick and easy access, there are mesh pockets inside the bag for smaller items like phones, chargers, etc.

The reflective logo on both sides of the back ensures safe riding at night. To avoid friction and safeguard the panniers, there are two spherical pads at the bottom.

A 360-degree rotatable bracket is used to fasten the bag to the bars, this stops the bag from bouncing out of the sidebars. It can be easily adjusted without the use of extra tools, making it a quick-release mechanism.

  • Made with waterproof fabric

  • Large capacity for storage

  • A bit pricey for the features it offers

  • Better alternatives are available for a similar price

  • Brand: ROCKBROS

  • Size: 13.4*7.1*18.1 inch (length* width* height)

  • Weight: 0.9 kg

  • Capacity: 27 L

  • Material: Nylon

  • Price: $ 69.99


This is a multiple-purpose ebike bag that can be used for a wide range of tasks. You can take it with you on your daily commute, grocery shopping, or long–distance journeys.

There is a fixing plate at the back of the bag which efficiently keeps the pannier bag from entering the bike spokes. You can easily access the contents of the bag due to the effective roll-up closing design.

It comes with adjustable buckles on the bag’s rear which can be moved to position the bag correctly on your bike rack. The bicycle pannier also has a convenient rubber and nylon carrying handle that provides added comfort and ease.

Made with premium quality waterproof material, this bag can be a lifesaver on rainy days. The external drawstring can be used to hold wet items such as raincoats.‍

Made by Oak Bay Bikes, the Blackburn Outpost Bike Frame Bag is one of the best ebike bags. The company has been known for producing quality products and delivering efficient services since 1934.

The Blackburn outpost bike frame bag’s zippers are made of polyurethane and coated 70d ripstop nylon offering additional weatherproofing. It can be attached to the inner frame of your bike using several Velcro straps. It comes with a hose port that enables the storage of a water reservoir or heavier items at the lowest point of gravity.

The left side of this bag is smaller and can be used to keep your phone safe or for storing food, snacks, or small bike tools. The larger compartment is on the right side. Mesh pockets are on the exterior for quick and easy access.

  • Sophisticated design

  • Spacious with enough room for all your ride essentials

  • The included straps can mount in many locations for a secure fit

  • The compartments allow you to store your items easily and stay organized

  • Does not come with a bladder

  • Straps are simple Velcro that does not offer frame protection which could wear down the frame.

  • Brand: Blackburn

  • Size: Small, Medium, and Large

  • Water Resistant: Yes

  • Price: $48.75 - $95.00


The amount of storage space you require on your bike can vary from time to time and this bag will surely come in handy when you need more space.

The bag is expandable, so you can expand it when you require additional space. Taking off the zipper will turn this bag into a full-frame bag. The bag’s Velcro straps are adjustable and can be moved to fit the geometry of the frame.

The bag is carefully designed and tailored so that there’s a place for everything. It’s available in three sizes (small, medium, and large), so you can choose the size best suited for your needs.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly ebike bag, the Blackburn outpost bike frame bag is a good option. It is a good quality, durable bag that will keep your things compact in its multiple compartments giving you easy and quick access.

Since 1991, Topeak has been producing cycling goods that have set the industry standards for innovation. Known for designing and manufacturing bicycling equipment, bicycles, and other bicycle accessories, one of the company’s best products is its MTX Trunkbag DXP.

Topeak’s bike bags are a convenient companion, especially for long-distance rides. Pannier deployment requires a beam rack with side frames attached or a traditional rack with struts to prevent panniers from contacting rear wheels.

The material used for the MTX trunkbag DXP makes it a semi-rigid, weatherproof trunkbag.

The bag’s extra space comes from the expandable side panels and divided main storage. It comes with an additional feature that includes: a reflective strip, shoulder strap, safety light clip, rain cover, and elastic top bungees.

  • Spacious with plenty of room inside

  • Comes with an additional water bottle holder

  • The secure straps can be attached to any rack

  • The bag is big and spacious but when it’s full, it feels heavy

  • Four installments option is available

  • Brand: Topeak

  • Size: 36 x 25 x 21.5-29 cm / 14.1” x 9.8” x 8.5”-11.4”

  • Weight: 900 g/ 1.98 lb

  • Capacity: 22.6 L

  • Material: 600 Denier Polyester

  • Price: $129.95 (payments in four installments of $32.49)


The bag’s semi-rigid material helps it to keep its shape even when partially empty. This MTX Trunkbag DXP is made with flexible 600 denier fabric and dual molded side panels.

It can be lifted using the shoulder strap, which makes carrying it easy.

Overall the bag is a good value for the money and has several useful features. You should buy the MTX Trunkbag DXP if you want a solid bag that will last for years and has ample room.

Engwe was founded by adventure enthusiasts working towards a low-carbon society. Engwe develops sustainable products that are high in quality and cost-effective.

Along with electric bicycles, Engwe also makes ebike accessories including bags. One of its top products is its waterproof bike rack bag.

The ENGWE Bike Rack Bag /Trunk Bag is a water-resistant bag made from carbon composite leather material.

The bag is easily foldable, which provides added capacity. The rear rack can be unfolded with zippers to a bike pinner in case you need more space. The bag can be used both as a trunk bag and a cargo bag thanks to its foldability.

  • The twin-layer zipper keeps your belongings dry in wet conditions

  • The reflective strips on the bag enhance the safety

  • It comes with a cup holder

  • It is glossy and dirt resistant

  • It may appear a bit bulky when filled

  • Brand: Engwe

  • Size: Large

  • Weight: 1.59 Kilograms

  • Capacity: 35 L

  • Material: Carbon Composite Leather

  • Price: $82.99


The bag is designed with convenient portability in mind. The two shoulder straps allow you to convert it into a messenger bag.

It is practical and easy to set up. With a large 35L capacity, it can cater to all your storage needs. Nighttime visibility can be increased by adding tail lights to this bag’s back.

The integrated thick pads help with absorbing shocks while cycling, enabling you to have a smooth ride even on rough terrains.

The brand isn’t the most popular yet, but it is committed to delivering quality products. If you are looking for a multi-purpose bag that you may want to turn into a messenger bag on your journey, the ENGWE bike rack bag is for you.

Final Thoughts

A good ebike bag can save you a lot of trouble on your cycling adventures. The bags come in various sizes, colors, and designs, with different features and price tags, so, understandably, you may find it difficult to select the best-suited bag for you.

In this article, we have covered some of the best ebike bags available on the market. We have listed the features of each bag and also discussed the pros and cons.

Each bag has its particular features and comes with both advantages and disadvantages. We hope that this guide will assist you in selecting the ideal bag for your future trips and bike adventures. Happy traveling!

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ArcEnCiel Bike Bag Review: A Pannier Bag Everyone Needs


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