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August 16, 2023

Your Guide to Super73 Electric Bikes

A guide to Super73 electric bikes, highlighting their offroad capabilities and versatility.

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About Super73
Why Buy a Super73?
Factors to Consider When Buying a Super73:
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About Super73

Getting in on the ground floor of the ebike movement, Super73 has become a pillar in the electric community with a passionate customer base of everyday riders, off-roaders, and professional athletes. Since their founding in Orange County, CA in 2016, the company has developed a globally recognizable brand, blurring the lines between ebike and motorcycle. The company also has models for young riders like the new “Super73-K1D.”

Why Buy a Super73?

Super73 bikes are especially durable with the ability to handle rough and rugged terrain. The company also offers a wide selection of accessories from phone mounts to surfboard racks and everything in between. These bikes are widely regarded as being versatile and wickedly fun to ride. The purchase of a Super73 product also comes with access to the Super Squad, a community of ebike riders that join one another in events, group rides, and more. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Super73:

On/Off Road Use - Super73’s R and S series are meant for adventure. If you are planning on hitting the trails, these are the bikes for you, but a casual rider or commuter may want to explore other options, like the Z series.

Range and Speed - The R series is the top of the line with the most power and range of the catalog, followed closely by the S Series which is about $400 less. It has the same specs with a range of 40-75 miles, 750W motor, and top speed of 28mph. There is also the Z series for shorter urban commutes at 35-50 miles of range. The Z series reaches the same speeds.

Convenience - Ebike storage and parking can be tricky. One thing to consider is the lightweight frame of the Z series, allowing easier transport up stairs and around urban environments. The bulkier R and S series may be inconvenient for some.

Street Legality - Super73's can reach class III speeds of up to 28mph, so be aware of your state laws regarding vehicle speeds.

The Super73 R ebike is a unique and fast ride that attracts attention wherever it goes.

10 Reasons to Buy Super73 R

  • It is incredibly fast.

  • The smooth ride will make your journey more comfortable.

  • With its interesting design, it is sure to turn heads when you pass by.

  • Thanks to its safety features, you can enjoy your ride without worry.

  • The powerful hydraulic brakes make it easy to stop quickly.

  • You can go up to 75 miles using the eco pedal assist mode.

  • The high-end aluminum frame is sturdy and reliable.

  • It has a good full-throttle range, making it easy to get around town.

  • This versatile, dual-suspension electric bike can handle any terrain.

  • Multi-class ride modes for a variety of riding experiences.

3 Reasons Not to Buy Super73 R

  • It is quite heavy at 78 lbs.

  • The recharge time is quite lengthy, ranging from 6-8 hours per battery charge.

  • Pedaling can be a real pain.

The Super73 S2 electric bike is lauded by bike riders all around the world for its smooth cruise, battery efficiency, and comfortable seating. 

10 Reasons to Buy the Super73 S2 Electric Bike

  • The Super73 S2 electric bike features hydraulic brakes that are not only smooth to operate, but also bring the bike to a swift stop with less force and reduced jerk.

  • The electric bike can be adjusted to four speed modes where Class 1 is the lowest and Off-road is the highest. The difference boils down to the usage of pedal assist and throttle – both of which can be used in Class 2 mode.

  • The range and top speed of the electric bike can be varied by adjusting the class mode. This helps beginners adjust the speed to their liking.

  • The high and low speeds of the Super73 S2 electric bike are powered by a DC hub motor that projects up to 2,000 watts of electric power and allows bike riders to enjoy max speed at a single charge.

  • The battery of the Super73 S2 electric bike is not only removable, it is also capable of charging via a standard 110v power outlet - commonly found in homes and offices.

  • The Super73 electric bike has a front suspension made of an inverted coil spring fork that allows stable braking and comfortable steering on tough terrains.

  • For nighttime visibility, the Super73 S2 electric bike has built-in high beam LED lights in its headlight and brake light.

  • The wheels of the Super73 S2 electric bike are innovatively designed to combine the lightweight of bike tires and the durability of motorcycle tires, so cyclists can enjoy MTB riding safely.

  • The electric bike has built-in Bluetooth and smart navigation platforms for iOS and Android that function using the company's mobile application.

  • The digital display also has a speedometer, battery tank, and toggles to adjust between different pedal assist modes.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Super73 S2 Electric Bike

  • The Super73 S2 electric bike weighs 73 lbs, which is quite the bulk to carry uphill or even handle for beginners.

  • The battery range may vary under extreme temperatures and fluctuating voltages.

  • The throttle may easily malfunction under heavy pressure and wet conditions.

Claimed to be one of the most comfortable electric bike of all time, the Super73 ZX is turning heads everywhere for its incredible power capacity, sturdy frame, and easy gearing. The Super73 ZX is constructed out of 6061/7005 aluminum alloy, one of the most durable frames available for impact protection.

10 Reasons to Buy the Super73 ZX

  • The Super73 ZX e-bike is equipped with a low-rise handlebar that supports multiple riding positions, including the upright and lean-forward postures.

  • The aircraft-grade aluminum frame of the Super73 ZX e-bike shines bright, feels lightweight, and holds well against harsh impacts.

  • The seat of the electric bike is very comfortable and ergonomic.

  • The brushless hub motor of the e-bike provides 1200W of peak power and does not wear easily – even in rain and hail.

  • The tires of the Super73 ZX e-bike are specially constructed to initiate positive steering, improve their lifespan, and ensure comfort while commuting.

  • To complement the intelligence of the Super73 ZX e-bike, a smart display has been added that connects to Bluetooth on iOS and Android.

  • The Super73 ZX e-bike is fitted with mechanical disc brakes that pull the bike to a gentle stop and improve stopping power at high-speeds, which enhances the safety of the rider and others on road.

  • The handlebars of the electric bike are ergonomically designed, providing great traction for a secure grip.

  • The Super73 ZX e-bike easily adjusts the range with different class modes - where Class 1 mode has the lowest speed and a range of 50+ miles, while the default Class 2 mode has a range of 30+ miles.

  • The battery of the Super73 ZX e-bike can be detached easily and plugged into a standard 110v power outlet for 4 hours or until the bike is fully charged.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Super73 ZX

  • There is no suspension present on the Super73 ZX e-bike; it is sold separately. The lack of suspension puts bump absorption and speed maintenance at risk.

  • The Super73 ZX is expensive ($2,195) for an electric commuter bike that doesn't have a suspension system.

The Super73-K1D is a children's bike priced at $1,975. The trainer version of the other adventure series models is built for ages 4-8 who are just starting to ride.

7 Reasons to Buy the Super73-K1D

  • Multiple ride modes allow riders to start slow and adjust speed as they become more comfortable

  • Long moto-style seat gives riders room to move and room to grow

  • Regenerative braking increases riding range by transferring kinetic energy to the battery

  • Red twist throttle clearly indicates its function to young riders

  • Charging and swapping is made easy with a removable battery

  • The stylish design is built to resemble an 80's BMX bike

  • It's LFP battery is safer and longer lasting than a traditional lithium-ion battery

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Super73-K1D

  • Though equipped with an impressive array of features, the trainer may be a bit pricey for a starter bike

  • The bike can get going very fast if parental controls aren't enabled and could be dangerous for young children

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