August 31, 2023

🤫 How New Yorkers Evade Ebike Bans

Plus, new heavy-duty cargo ebikes from Raleigh, Specialized, and more.

What You Need to Know Today

In response to fire safety concerns, many New York City buildings and institutions are banning ebikes, even models from reputable manufacturers. In response to the blanket ban, online groups have come together to offer solutions. Some individuals have suggested the best policy is to “befriend the doorman and don’t arouse suspicion.”

Propella’s budget-friendly 9S Pro V2 commuter is now being offered as a step-thru.The blue-wheeled hybrid has hydraulic disc brakes, an LCD display, and an integrated headlight.

U.K. bike brand Raleigh’s new Stride 3 bakfiet has a front-mounted cargo bay that lets you carry up to four young kids. Building off of its predecessor, the Stride 2, the new mid-drive bike has increased stability, more cargo space, and 40 miles of range (64 km) on a single charge.

From our file interesting-but-not-recommended finds: A university student in England uses disposable vape batteries from eBay to power his electric scooter.

Austrian brand Simplon is fitting its newest generation of ebikes with the Pinion E1.12, a new drive system that houses the motor and gearbox in one compact unit. The company’s latest two models, the Kagu commuter and the Rapcon e-MTB, will be powered by the new system next year.

Texas-based EV maker Aryo’s new electric mini truck titled, Vanish, is officially road-ready in the U.S. and Canada. The Vanish, a miniature truck designed for commercial use-cases, like campus logistics and last-mile delivery, has met the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, bringing it one step closer to production.

Outdoor YouTuber Jack Steward claims to have built “the world’s tiniest cabin” so he can tow it behind his electric bike. 

Indian manufacturer TVS introduced the X Electric moped, a well-equipped, sporty new two-wheeler. The X reaches a zippy 65 mph (105 kph), claims a range of 87.5 miles (140 km) on a single charge, comes with an LED display, and maintains an eye-catching design.

The new V13 Challenger from Chinese manufacturer InMotion is a thrilling new electric unicycle that reaches a staggering top speed of 87 mph (140 kph), powered by a 4,500W motor with a maximum torque of 300 Nm. For those brave enough to ride, InMotion promises a smooth, stable ride and 124 miles (200km) of range.

British ebike maker Mycle has a new, affordable electric cargo bike with an impressive array of improvements. The bike is equipped with Tektro disc brakes, a digital display, front and rear racks, and a 250W hub motor with varying levels of pedal assistance. The bike has a range of 37 miles (60 km) but also comes with option of adding a second battery, doubling the distance.

Are you a boater who would rather peddle than paddle? The BigWater ePDL + 132 from Old Town may be the thing for you. This pedal-powered electric kayak has five levels of motor assistance and between 3-46 hours of battery life (depending on the level of motor assist) for skimming across the open water with ease. It even has a nifty LCD display. Essentially, it’s an aquatic ebike!

U.K.-based Northern Light Motors has a new line of recumbent bikes that look almost like Formula 1 racecars. The 428, 557, and 630 models are fully electric, weatherproof ebikes, with an eye-catching body and futuristic cockpit encased in a protective shield to stave off the elements. Prices start at £4,000, or $5087.

Italian bike maker 3T revealed its latest model, the Exploro RaceMax Boost X20, a lightweight, 250W, electric gravel bike. Dubbed the “1961,” after the company’s founding year, the bike has already won RedDot Design Awards for performance. It’s priced at a steep $7,999.

Are you on the market for a new electric bike? Don’t miss our latest brand guides on SpecializedTrek, and Ride1Up to help you pick the right one. 

Speaking of Specialized, the company just launched the new Globe Haul LT electric cargo bike, a heavy duty hauler equipped with a throttle and a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph). The $3,500 bike has a carrying capacity of 176 lbs (80kg), a 700W hub motor equipped with a torque sensor, and a UL-listed 772 Wh batter with a range of up to 90 miles (96 km).

Pod People

ICYMI: Australia-based Lug+Carrie - which claim to be the largest cargo ebike subscription fleet in the world - just launched in the U.S. under the name Wombi. The new company chose Los Angeles as its first market because they believe it can be the most bikeable city in the country. 

We caught up with the Wombi’s co-founder and CEO Dan Carr on the latest episode of the podcast. Listen in.

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