The Complete Guide to Specialized Electric Bikes

This complete guide on Specialized eBikes covers all of the electric models in its lineup, including mountain, road and active eBikes.

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What Are Specialized Electric Bikes

Specialized Bicycles is an American bicycle manufacturer based in Morgan Hill, CA. Since 1974, Specialized has been an innovator in all disciplines of cycling including road bikes, mountain bikes, recreational and leisure bikes, and most recently, eBikes.

Specialized has embraced the eBike revolution with a full line of models that cater to mountain bikers, road racers, commuters, and families. Building on its already innovative technology, Specialized is taking eBikes to the next level with proprietary motors and battery tech.

Globe, Specialized’s latest initiative, is aimed at riders looking to replace their car trips with utility eBikes that have a 419 lb weight capacity to carry almost anything they want to.

Why You Should Buy a Specialized Electric Bike

Innovative Design and Engineering - Specialized is known for its emphasis on design innovation and engineering excellence. Their e-bikes often feature advanced frame designs, geometry, and integration of components.

Custom-Made Motors - Specialized developed its own custom-made motors for some of its e-bike models. These motors are designed to seamlessly integrate with the bike's frame and provide efficient and responsive power assistance.

Intuitive Control and Connectivity - Specialized e-bikes often feature user-friendly control interfaces that allow riders to adjust settings and monitor ride data easily. Some models are equipped with integrated displays that show speed, battery life, and other relevant information.

Long Battery Life and Range - Specialized e-bikes have been engineered to provide long battery life and extended range. This can be especially important for riders looking to go on longer rides or tackle challenging terrains.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Specialized Electric Bike

Limited Availability and Price - Depending on your location, you might find that Specialized e-bikes are not widely available, and their premium pricing could be a concern for budget-conscious buyers.

Motor and Electronics Issues - While Specialized is known for its high-quality components, any complex electronic system can experience glitches or malfunctions. Users have reported issues such as motor failures, connectivity problems, or sensor malfunctions.

The Globe Haul ST is Specialized’s offering in the utility eBike market. It features and impressive weight capacity of 419 lbs and an extensive set of accessories for lots of customizations.

6 Reasons to Buy the Globe Haul ST

  • Haul ST includes attachment capabilities to add extra carrying space on the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle

  • Cargo attachments can be temporarily removed for more low-profile riding when cargo space isn’t needed

  • Hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear tires ensure consistent, reliable stopping

  • Optional Passenger Kit comfortably fits a second rider on the Haul ST for just under $200

  • Premium aluminum frame comes with a lifetime warranty ensuring a solid ride for as long as you own the bike

  • Adjustable seat post and handlebars allow both taller and shorter riders to cruise comfortably

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Globe Haul ST

  • Haul ST is not the most affordable e-cargo bike on the market; several competitors offer cheaper vehicles

  • Comes only with pedal assist; throttle attachment must be purchased separately

  • Riding with side pannier attachments may take some getting used to

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a highly capable utility eBike that will make you want to leave the car at home, the Class 3 Globe Haul ST is your eBike. Rugged construction and endless customization will grow with your needs as they evolve.

The Turbo Vado 4.0 is a versatile ebike designed by Specialized for urban commuters and recreational riders. Its lightweight frame and responsive electric assistance let you explore city streets with ease. 

10 Pros of Getting a Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0

  • The electric bike has hydraulic disc brakes that conveniently stop the power without much pressure on the bike rider.

  • The drivetrain of the Specialised Turbo Vado 4.0 is made up of SRAM NX, and it helps reduce friction in the bearings, so there's less chance of failure and premature wear.

  • The handlebars of the electric bike are constructed of durable alloy that has an ergonomic grip, feels smooth, and does not slip under sweat or scorch under heat.

  • The hub motor of the Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 provides power up to 470 W and effectively boosts torque at mid and high-range RPM.

  • The electric bike has a range of over 50 miles and two-speed modes that can be easily customized according to the charge present or the riding use case.

  • The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 features a simple bell on the handlebar that alerts the front driver and allows bike riders to send a signal while group riding quickly.

  • The pedals of the electric bike are equipped with special grip tape that enhances traction and securely holds onto the feet of the rider, providing comfort during high-speed riding.

  • The Specialized electric bike has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing riders to play music or stream podcasts on a long-distance ride without worrying about losing extra charge.

  • The 27.5-inch wheels of the Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 are supported by a 75mm suspension fork that shaves off extra weight, maintains the speed, and allows easy steering on challenging terrains.

  • Perfect for downhill riding, the Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 is equipped with 11-speed gearing that effectively provides optimal power consistency and ensures smooth transmission along bumpy pathways.

3 Cons of Getting a Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0

  • The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 e-bike is chunky and weighs over 57.5 lbs which can be a bit difficult to handle on uphill climbs.

  • The electric bike, however unique, comes with a hefty price tag of $4000, which seems excessive considering there are e-bikes with better features that cost less.

  • The seat post tends to overheat when used for too long, and it can cause soreness in the rear.

The Bottom Line

The Turbo Vado 4.0 offers a seamless blend of comfort, utility, and power, making your daily rides a pleasure. If you’re looking for a quality eBike to do it all, the Turbo Vado 4.0 has you covered. 

When speed is one of your top priorities for your eBike, The Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 should be at the top of your list. This Class 3 eBike is one of the lightest eBikes on the market for speedy, responsive rides.

7 Reasons to Buy the Turbo Vado SL 4.0

  • At only 28 lbs, it's one of the lightest bikes on the market. This makes it easy to maneuver and carry, especially if you have to take it up or down stairs.

  • Any Specialized Vado SL 4.0 buyer will get an excellent brake system. With the added brake light feature, you'll also have increased safety, especially when riding downhill.

  • Buyers can go up to 120 miles per charge. This is enough to ride around town or even take a long bike trip.

  • The lightweight motor on the e-bike is a powerful 240-watt unit that provides plenty of torque for climbing hills or accelerating from a stop.

  • The display is full-color and easy to read in direct sunlight. It also has an auto-dimming feature that helps prolong battery life. It displays battery level, charge status, current speed, and average speed.

  • The battery is lightweight, long-lasting, charges quickly, and is easy to remove for charging or storage. The battery is integrated into the frame and is hidden from view. This makes the bike look clean and streamlined.

  • The bike features a plush saddle and wide handlebars, making it easy to stay comfortable even during long rides.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Turbo Vado SL 4.0

  • The Turbo Vado SL 4.0 is a costly bike with a price tag that is out of reach for many cyclists.

  • It requires significant maintenance and upkeep, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

  • In the hilliest terrain, the motor may be inadequate for heavy riders.

The Bottom Line

It’s on the pricier side but the Turbo Vado SL 4.0 delivers high-quality fun for the commuter that has a need for speed. This lightweight eBike makes it easy for you to transport it up stairs or inside between rides.

When you need a versatile eBike that can do a bit of everything and do it well, the mid-drive Specialized Como 4.0 is the bike for you. City bike design and quality components ensure that your urban commutes are comfortable and fun.

11 Reasons to Buy Specialized Como 4.0

  • The display has five different screens that you can customize to your own needs. You'll always have information at your fingertips.

  • You'll enjoy a powerful and responsive mid-drive motor that helps you tackle hills with ease.

  • The design is attractive and stylish, so you'll love riding this bike around town. With its sleek design, this bike will turn heads wherever you go.

  • It has an agile feel that makes it easy to navigate through tight spots.

  • You can expect good battery life, so you'll be able to ride for hours on end without having to worry about running out of power.

  • Shimano hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotor disc in the front and 160mm in the rear for quick, powerful stops.

  • Comes with plastic fenders that reduce bouncing, ensuring increased comfort and a smoother ride no matter where you're headed.

  • The riding position is comfortable and ergonomic, with grips that are designed to reduce hand fatigue.

  • The battery is lockable and removable for your safety and convenience.

  • This bike has a powerful motor that will help you cover more ground quickly, making your commute easier than ever.

  • It's easy to maintain, and even easier to repair if something does go wrong.

4 Reasons Not to Buy Specialized Como 4.0

  • There is no suspension, which can make for a jarring ride on rough roads.

  • The rear light is mounted low on the frame, which means it can be easily blocked by clothing if you are wearing a jacket or coat. This could make you less visible to drivers and increase your risk of being in an accident.

  • Mounting the battery into the bike can be a little tricky, and requires some patience to get it positioned correctly.

  • The kickstand does not have a flat foot, which can make it difficult to park on uneven surfaces.

The Bottom Line

The Como 4.0 is a quality city bike that focuses on comfort with its upright rider positioning and low step-through frame. The powerful mid-drive motor delivers 4x of the rider's energy for an effortless ride on all of your errands.

The Specialized Turbo Como SL is a sporty and comfortable electric cruiser designed for neighborhood, urban, and leisure rides. With its lightweight frame and super smooth custom motor, it provides a comfortable and low-maintenance ride.

10 Reasons to Buy the Specialized Turbo Como SL

  • The lightweight frame and super smooth custom motor provide a comfortable and low-maintenance ride.

  • Versatile and well-designed with features like integrated lights, rear rack, and clean Gates Carbon belt drive.

  • Sleek design, available in different sizes and colors, providing a stylish option.

  • Reliable stopping power and compatibility with heart rate monitors.

  • Super light cruiser with integrated features, providing a comfortable and upright cruise.

  • Class 3 ebike designed for comfort and style, riding at high speeds on flat grounds.

  • Well-balanced and easily handled commuter ebike with sophisticated design and simplicity.

  • Excellent handling, seamless power, and great design are features that make the Como SL stand out among higher-end commuter ebikes.

  • Large carrying capacity, efficient for grocery shopping and everyday rides.

  • Lightweight design, excellent build and ride quality, and superb design.

6 Reasons Not to Buy the Specialized Turbo Como SL

  • A high price tag may be a barrier for some individuals.

  • Lack of suspension and inconvenient handlebar adjustment.

  • Not an easily removable battery pack.

  • Minor design flaws and lack of LCD display.

  • Bulkiness may make it less fun in certain scenarios.

  • Debatable value due to high cost.

The Bottom Line

The Specialized Turbo Como SL is a top-of-the-line micromobility vehicle that offers a smooth, comfortable, and low-maintenance ride. With its lightweight frame, integrated features, and versatile design, it provides a stylish and practical option for commuters and casual riders. While it may come with a higher price tag, the Turbo Como SL's excellent build quality, efficient handling, and large carrying capacity make it a worthy investment for those seeking a sophisticated and reliable mode of transportation.

The Turbo Tero 5.0 by Specialized is an impressive electric mountain bike that is also well-suited for everyday rides. This e-bike was designed to combine the best features of an adaptable mountain bike with the convenience of electric pedal assist. 

10 Reasons to Buy the Turbo Tero 5.0

  • The Turbo Tero 5.0 is an adaptable bike that can suit your needs, whatever they may be.

  • There are several areas of the bike designated for rack mounts – a bonus that is especially appealing if you plan to use this bike more for commuting and transportation.

  • With Specialized's Mission Control app, you can choose between three pedal assist modes – Eco, Trail, and Turbo – to determine how much help you get from the bike.

  • On the bike's display, you can monitor everything from battery percentage and riding time to calories burned and altitude gained and lost.

  • This e-bike seamlessly switches modes as you ride and shifting is impressively smooth.

  • The Turbo Tero 5.0 is available in four sizes to accommodate riders of all sizes.

  • With this electric bike, you can ride for 60-plus miles on a full battery.

  • The dropper seatpost makes it easy to drop the seat anytime you need to stop and place your feet on the ground.

  • The Turbo Tero 5.0 is rated to pull a thru-axle trailer and is child seat compatible, giving you the ability to pull all the extra gear or kids you want.

  • The Turbo Tero 5.0 steers like a hardtail which makes quick transitions easy.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Turbo Tero 5.0

  • The Turbo Tero 5.0 comes with a steep price tag – not everyone can afford the hefty $5,000 it takes to own one.

  • The tubeless-ready Ground Control tires are loud and aggressive – great for trails, but not ideal for riders who plan on spending a fair amount of time on asphalt and who would prefer a smoother ride.

  • The Turbo Tero 5.0 isn't the ideal e-bike for more technical trails.

The Bottom Line

The Turbo Tero 5.0 is a versatile bike with enough extra muscle to make easier work out of even the most treacherous mountain bike experience. The Mission Control app gives you complete control over your ride and with three modes to choose from, the Turbo Tero 5.0 truly is a remarkable, adaptable utility e-bike. It just comes down to whether you're willing (and able) to pay the price.

The Specialized Turbo Tero X 5.0 is a full-suspension e-bike designed for off-road adventures and heavy-load transportation. It offers a comfortable riding experience with its aluminum frame and suspension and comes equipped with features like a kickstand, mudguards, integrated lights, and a rear rack for convenience and functionality.

5 Reasons to Buy the Specialized Turbo Tero X 5.0

  • The Turbo Tero X is designed for transporting heavy loads over rough surfaces, making it ideal for those who need to carry a lot of gear.

  • The e-bike comes equipped with a variety of features such as a kickstand, mudguards, integrated lights, and a rear rack, providing convenience and functionality.

  • The bike offers a long assisted ride time of up to 6 hours with a range extender, allowing for extended rides without worrying about battery life.

  • The aluminum frame with suspension ensures a comfortable riding experience, minimizing the impact of rough terrain.

  • The different models of the Turbo Tero X offer a range of options in terms of battery and motor capacities, as well as specifications for brakes, wheels, lights, handlebars, stems, and seat posts, allowing buyers to customize their eBike according to their preferences.

1 Reason Not to Buy the Specialized Turbo Tero X 5.0

  • The higher-end models of the Turbo Tero X can be quite expensive, ranging from $4,500 to $6,500, which may deter budget-conscious buyers.

The Bottom Line

The Specialized Turbo Tero X 5.0 is a versatile and high-performance e-bike designed for those who need to carry heavy loads over rough terrains. With its variety of features and customizable options, it offers convenience, functionality, and a comfortable riding experience. While the price may be a bit steep for some, the Turbo Tero X 5.0 is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a reliable and powerful micromobility solution.

The Turbo Creo SL by Specialized is a high-performance e-road bike that offers an excellent riding experience. With its lightweight carbon fiber frame, agile handling, and fast acceleration, this bike provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

10 Reasons to Buy the Turbo Creo SL

  • Excellent handling and smooth ride

  • Fast acceleration and high-performance experience

  • Impressive motor technology

  • Agile and comfortable ride

  • Lightweight frame

  • Multi-assist levels

  • Long battery life

  • Customizable and adjustable features

  • Efficient motor

  • Effective hydraulic disc brakes

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Turbo Creo SL

  • High price point

  • The motor can be noisy

  • Control unit location requires taking eyes off the road

The Bottom Line

The Turbo Creo SL is a top-of-the-line micromobility vehicle that delivers a superior riding experience. With excellent handling and a smooth ride, it offers fast acceleration and impressive motor technology.

The Specialized Turbo Creo SL EVO is a powerful and versatile gravel e-bike designed for adventure and exploration. With its superior performance, quick-charging battery, and seamless design, it offers a smooth and high-quality ride.

11 Reasons to Buy the Specialized Turbo Creo SL EVO

  • Superior performance and consistent power output of the Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO

  • Quick-charging battery

  • Seamless design

  • Smooth ride and high-quality build

  • Unique features such as the SL1.1 motor, lightweight body, and dropper post

  • Good value for money considering the quality, performance, and design components

  • Extends ride or outing by several hours

  • Fantastic battery life

  • Well-designed and efficient electric bike with a smooth motor

  • Adjustable suspension and precise gear shifts

  • Customizable features

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Specialized Turbo Creo SL EVO

  • Concerns about speed limit regulations and minor discomfort with the Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO

  • Need for improvement in the Praxis front chainring of the Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon Evo

  • High price and certain charging requirements for the Specialized Creo SL Expert

The Bottom Line

The Specialized Turbo Creo SL EVO is an exceptional micromobility vehicle that delivers superior performance, a smooth ride, and a seamless design. With its powerful motor, quick-charging battery, and customizable features, this electric bike offers great value for money. While there may be some concerns about speed regulations and the front chainring, the overall experience of extending your ride by several hours and enjoying fantastic battery life makes the Specialized Turbo Creo SL EVO a top choice for those seeking a well-designed and efficient micromobility solution.

The Turbo Levo Alloy is a full-featured all-mountain eMTB.

11 Reasons to Buy the Turbo Levo Alloy

  • The electric mountain bike is equipped with a Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor that allows riders to seamlessly amplify their speed up to four times.

  • The Turbo Levo Alloy features disc brakes that help riders stop the bike quickly while controlling the speed, which minimizes the risk of impact.

  • The 500W battery allows riders to pedal faster and gain power while simultaneously using the charge efficiently.

  • The Turbo Levo Alloy has a Turbo Connect Unit, a smart interface that displays the battery level, turns the bike on and off, plus connects to Bluetooth, so riders can stream music and podcasts on the go.

  • The e-MTB is constructed with a large 29” front wheel and a 27.5” rear wheel. Despite being irregular, they keep the bike from stumbling on rocks and ensure stability.

  • The Turbo Levo Alloy features an adjustable geometry where the bottom bracket can be fine-tuned up to 7mm, so the rider is absolutely stable on the saddle.

  • The SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain of the Turbo Levo Alloy ensures reliability and allows faster shifting of the gears.

  • The Turbo Levo Alloy is built with an almost unlimited range and packs in enough power that riders can cycle on the tough trails for over five hours, continuously.

  • The 150 mm rear suspension fork allows riders to manuver the bike around small bumps easily and make sure they are protected against impact.

  • The Turbo Levo Alloy comes in six different sizes, the smallest of which have narrower seats for enduro riding and the largest of which have more room - best for long-distance riding.

3 Reasons Not to Buy Turbo Levo Alloy

  • The electric mountain bike is heavier than most MTB's, given its turbo motor, battery, and suspension frame. It may affect steep climbs up a mountain.

  • The rear derailleur could be mechanized to perform better as it is finicky and takes some time to get used to.

  • The seatpost is situated a bit high, which forces the rider to pedal in a lean-forward position, which may cause back pain while riding long distances.

The Bottom Line

The Turbo Levo Alloy is a fantastic electric mountain bike that performs as well as it claims. It is great for beginners and is perfect for seasoned cyclists or senior commuters. The handlebars are ergonomic, the pedals are smooth, the suspension is stable, and the drivetrain is fast. Pair it with the exceptional turbo motor, the large battery, and the smart turbo connect unit, and you have yourself a powerful beast ready to take on tough climbs and wide descents.

Overall, the Turbo Levo Alloy is well worth the $5,800 price tag, especially considering it comes with a wide warranty for replacement.

The Turbo Levo Alloy by Specialized is a powerful and versatile mountain bike designed for off-road adventures and trail riding. It features adjustable geometry, a powerful motor, and a 700Wh battery for long-lasting rides.

8 Reasons to Buy the Turbo Levo Carbon

  • Comfortable and balanced climbing position

  • Strong motor and high-capacity battery

  • Versatile and adaptable features

  • Excellent all-rounder with impressive performance

  • Significant improvements in handling, suspension, and motor functionality

  • Great design and quality motor

  • Increased versatility, smooth power delivery, and fruitful battery life

  • Improved ride quality, overall design, build quality, and value compared to previous models

5 Reasons Not to Buy the Turbo Levo Carbon

  • Falls short in terms of display and controls

  • Initial high price and use of budget parts tarnish the value proposition

  • Issues with the fork and some components

  • Room for improvement with the new shift pod design for ergonomics and reachability

  • Higher price point

The Bottom Line

The Turbo Levo Carbon is a top-notch micromobility vehicle that offers impressive performance and versatility. With its strong motor, high-capacity battery, and comfortable climbing position, it excels in all types of terrains. The improvements in handling, suspension, and motor functionality make for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Despite some minor downsides such as display and control issues, the Turbo Levo Carbon is a great investment for those looking for a high-quality and efficient micromobility option.

The Specialized Kenevo Comp is a high-performing eBike designed for high-speed descents and challenging terrains. With excellent motor integration, it offers a customizable ride and great grip on steep and rough trails.

13 Reasons To Buy the Kenevo Comp

  • Specialized Kenevo Comp is best suited for high-speed descents

  • Better-than-average motor integration

  • Excellent performance on descents

  • Great grip on steep and rough terrains

  • Customizable ride with tuneable motor

  • Lightweight and well-built eBike with excellent performance downhill

  • Sturdy components and durability

  • Top-notch E-Mountain bike with high-performing drivetrain

  • Powerful integrated battery and motor

  • Maneuverable and effortless uphill rides and downhill trails

  • Quality, durability, and performance on various terrains

  • Updates for 2022, Mastermind controller, larger brake rotors, and 700-watt hour battery

  • Good comfort and stability on trails

9 Reasons Not to Buy the Kenevo Comp

  • Room for improvement on flat terrains

  • Could use enhanced braking power

  • Not as versatile as its predecessor

  • Requires a more specific rider and terrain type

  • Heavy weight and relatively high price

  • Debate among reviewers about the power assistance trade-off for a more playful ride

  • Minor issues with dropper insertion, tires, and stem length

  • Struggles slightly with steep climbs

  • High price point compared to specs

The Bottom Line

The Specialized Kenevo Comp is a powerhouse of an eBike, specifically designed for high-speed descents and rough terrains. Its superior motor integration and customizable ride make it a top-notch option for thrill-seeking riders. With its durable components and excellent performance on various terrains, the Kenevo Comp offers a comfortable and stable experience on trails. Although it may struggle slightly with steep climbs and lack some versatility, its lightweight build and powerful battery and motor ensure effortless uphill rides and exhilarating downhill trails. While it may have a higher price point, the Kenevo Comp delivers on quality, durability, and performance, making it a solid choice for those seeking an exceptional ride.

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