August 3, 2023

🥷 Kawasaki's Ninjas Are Coming

Plus, who wants a *free* Lectric XP 3.0?

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What You Need to Know Today

Did you know that we have new product reviews and vehicle guides coming out every day on Ride Review? This week we took a closer look at the Emerald folding ebike, which offers an impressive combination of style and performance. It includes quality components such as a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, as well as multiple folding points for easy storage. You can check out the full review on our website, or watch our video review below. 

This week e also covered the “New Classic” line of ebikes from Linus - the EDutchi, a timeless step through ebike, and the eRoadster, a sporty step over model. The two models differ primarily in their frame shapes, while they both include lightweight 250W motors and 250 Wh batteries, claiming a top speed of 20 mph and a max range of 40 miles. Both ebikes are intentionally designed to be car-replacing machines, so they include rear racks for light cargo hauling, and torque sensors to improve the overall ride experience. 

Our in-depth review of the MagiCycle Deer SUV ebike is now live as well. For this ebike, MagiCycle did not take the term “SUV” lightly - it’s packed with impressive specs such as 96 Nm of torque, and key components such as fat tires and hydraulic coil suspension. Put simply, this ebike eats trails. 

Even if you’re not looking to buy an ebike, there’s still a chance you can score one for free on Ride Review. Our Lectric XP 3.0 giveaway is now live, and you can enter to win here!

The new E-CityCross ebike from Nakamura is a simple urban commuter equipped with a 7-speed drivetrain sturdy rear rack, now available for just $1,300. 

UK-based Claud Butler just released two new e-mtbs, which are hard-tail (i.e., no rear suspension)  models designed for casual mountain biking, and start out at a fairly casual price of £1799 ($2287). 

Kawasaki appears to have begun production on its first two electric motorcycles, the Ninja e-1 and the Z e-1. Last year, the company announced the vehicles’ development, and while it appears that some of the specs for the production bikes will be slightly different than anticipated, Kawasaki is still set to become the first large motorcycle manufacturer in Japan to go electric. 

Also, the new Fuell Fllow electric motorcycle is now available for pre-order for $10,495. The Fllow appears to pack some impressive value, considering its top speed is 85 mph and it claims 0-62 in just 3.5 seconds. 

Zonodoo recently released their RoadHitter electric scooter, which comes with two 4000 W motors and three different riding modes. Performance-wise, the RoadHitter is the fastest in the Zondoo line, topping out at 68 mph, and it also claims a maximum range of 80 miles. 

GEM just revealed their new line of low-speed vehicles (LSVs), which includes four models of varying sizes and cargo capacities, starting at $15,240. The smallest (and cutest) of the group is the e2, which seats two riders and claims a max range of up to 113 miles. The e4 is a step up in size and price ($17,490), fitting up to four passengers and claiming 106 miles of range. Third is the e6, which fits - you guessed it - six passengers, and offers 78 miles of range, for a price tag of $21,240. Lastly, the eL XD is the cargo hauler of the bunch, fitting two passengers and offering 1,250 lbs of towing capacity for $18,740. 

Chinese parts manufacturer Mivice is rolling out a new line of products, including two new motors designed for lightweight electric cargo bikes and road bikes, as well as bluetooth-compatible batteries and an updated torque sensor. 

The new NX2 electric scooter from Next is now on sale in Europe, and it touts a top speed of 80 mph and max range of 75 miles, for just $7,699. 

German startup Pender’s new Ebikelifter is designed to rack your ebike onto the top of your car easily through the use of a mechanical arm. The company claims that the machine can rack and unrack any ebike between 26 and 29 inches (and under 66 lbs), and it’s set to release September 1st. 

If you’re looking for a three-wheeled steal, you’re in luck with the new Trio Electric Tricycle from Viribus. Equipped with a rear basket and 500 W peak motor, this trike provides all the basics you’ll need to get rolling at just $889. 

Component manufacturer Sram recently filed a patent for what appears to be an ebike system controlled by voice and hand gestures, which could turn ideas such as on-the-fly suspension changes into a reality. 

A production version of the new Quadvelo NEV is set to release soon in the EU, as a safer option for folks looking for low speed urban mobility. The vehicle essentially functions as a four-wheeled ebike, with a fully enclosed body and space for one passenger plus a child or additional cargo in the rear. 

Super73 is really leaning into the whole Barbenheimer thing. In addition to having a brief cameo in the new Barbie movie, the SoCal ebike maker just unveiled two custom models inspired by the muted color palette of Oppenheimer and the hot-pink scenery of Barbie.

Spain’s Next Electric Motors, which is known for commuter mopeds, just released its most performance-oriented model to date.

Crowdfunding for the new WAU CYBER “Unleash the Beast” 5000W ebike is still live on Indiegogo for one more day. This self-proclaimed “Sur-Ron Killer” has an ultra sleek body and tops out at 55 mph - currently, 23 of the early bird models remain to be claimed. 

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