August 10, 2023

🧰 Should Right-to-Repair Laws Exclude eBikes?

Plus new rides by Aventon, Decathlon, Priority Bicycles, and more.

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What You Need to Know Today

Should ebikes be excluded from right-to-repair laws? Some industry experts argue that, as a matter of safety, individuals lacking adequate training should not attempt to fix ebikes, especially the batteries, and instead be required to recycle damaged parts. But right-to-repair advocates are skeptical.

Relatedly, this writer recently chronicled his attempt to convert a standard cargo bike into an ebike using a Bafang kit, highlighting the challenges and successes of DIYing. 

Aventon is launching the Soltera.2, a new, Class 2 ebike with 46 miles (74km) of range, a removable throttle, and pedal assist, to name a few of its features. Building upon the lightweight aluminum frame of the original Soltera, the new model aims to bring the latest technology at an affordable price.

Speaking of Aventon, have you seen our complete guide to the popular Chinese brand’s electric bikes, highlighting cargo, folding, city and budget-friendly models? Or for that matter, have you checked out our primer on all things Rad Power, one of the most top-selling D2C brands in America? These are just a few of the many shopping guides available on Ride Review.

Don’t forget we’re also giving away a free Lectric XP 3.0 ebike (retail: $1000) over on Ride Review. It’s not too late to enter!

Lámpago’s new electric trike design is certain to turn heads on your morning commute. The Turkish three-wheeler has two seats, a 25-45 mile (40-72km) range, and a top speed of 28mph (45kph). Did we mention that, because it lacks a roof, it is technically classified as a moped and requires a helmet to drive? 

QuietKat has an innovative new rack design that allows riders to transport heavy ebikes with ease. The rack attaches to the hitch of a car or truck and creates a ramp to the ground, making it easy to roll the bike up onto the vehicle for loading. 

Priority Bicycles’ newest model, the e-Classic Plus, has a uniquely affordable price tag in comparison with the rest of the brand’s catalog, but maintains a similarly high quality. The pedal-assist bike has a top speed of 20mph (32kph), can reach 60 miles (97km) of range on a single charge, and is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. 

The new Hase Gravit City electric cargo bike has an innovative telescoping  design that allows users to adjust the bike frame in accordance with the amount of cargo they need to carry. The storage rack, situated at the front of the bike, has a carrying capacity of up to 40 kgs (88lbs). The bike is also fitted with a rear rack that can carry up to 25 kgs (55lbs).

Is converting a classic Fiat 500 into an EV the recipe for the “perfect city car?” 

Decathlon has launched the LD 920 E ebike, the newest model in the B’Twin range. With the ability to cover 94 miles (151km) on a single charge, 250W of pedal assistance, and a high-tech automatic gearbox, this bike is meant for extensive touring. (The name LD is short for “long distance” in fact.) 

If you dream of someday owning one of Cezeta’s quirky, colorful mopeds, maybe don’t hold your breath. The beloved Czech manufacturer, which was born in the 1950s and rebooted in 2018 as an electric brand, is apparently looking for a new buyer after running out of funds.

German manufacturer VSC.Bike has released a new cargo ebike called the Finn. The model is outfitted with a 500Wh battery with energy regeneration capability, a large PVC bag that can carry a load up to 30kgs (66lbs), and is accompanied by the Pendix.bike Pro app which provides the rider with information on things like battery data to improve the overall riding experience.

Bosch has turned their Kiox display system into a digital key for ebikes, allows riders to unlock their ebikes via Bluetooth by simply approaching them.

Honda’s third edition of the N-box lightweight car is set to begin deliveries in Japan in August. Honda claims the new model has the largest interior of the series (yet the smallest tires) and is yet to release pricing options.

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