Your Guide To Rad Power Electric Bikes

A guide to Rad Power eBikes, one of the largest and most popular eBike brands in North America offering eBikes for communting, cargo, utility and off-road adventure

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What Is Rad Power Electric Bikes

When it comes to ebikes, Rad Power Bikes has become a household name. As one of the biggest and most popular eBike brands in North America, Rad Power has been integral to the eBike boom in recent years. Leveraging a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model, they changed the way people could shop for eBikes.

Rad Power Bikes started in 2007 and set out to provide accessible mobility to all with features like wide, knobby tires and low step-through frames. Recently, Rad Power has focused on improving the safety of their ebikes as well as introducing innovative new models like the Rad Trike that appeal to riders with limited mobility. 

Why Should You Buy a Rad Power Electric Bike

Tried and True Design - Wide stable tires and rear hub throttle assist have proven to be popular features for eBike riders. Rad Power includes these features and other design elements on many of its eBikes.

Great Value - Rad Power specs its eBikes with functional but not overly expensive components to deliver eBike at accessible and competitive prices. 

Broad Ecosystem of Accessories - You can configure your Rad Power eBike with an extensive selection of racks, storage, lights, seats, and other accessories to customize it to your needs and style.

Factors to Consider with Rad Power Electric Bikes

Some Assembly Required - Like many Direct To Consumer eBikes, Rad Power eBike requires some final assembly upon delivery. This assembly can be done with household tools. How-To videos on the Rad Power website provide instructions to assist in the assembly of your new eBike.

Check Settings and Factory Assembly - It’s always advised to do a thorough inspection of your eBike to confirm that all bolts are tightened and there are no loose or misaligned components.

Limited Service From Bike Shops - Due to quality control issues and component selections in the past, some local bike shops that don't sell Rad Power eBikes are reluctant to provide service or maintenance on Rad Power eBikes. 

With that, let's check out some of Rad Power eBikes!

The Rad Power eBike that started it all. The RadRover 6 is the latest version of the fat tire go-anywhere eBike. The RadRover is available in high-step and step-thru versions.

12 Reasons to Buy the RadRover 6

  • This e-bike has a large battery that can provide up to 45 miles of range on a single charge

  • The new dual display system helps improve the overall riding experience and provides e-bike users with the relevant information in the right location

  • It has a spacious cargo area that can be used to carry groceries or other items

  • The RadRover 6 folds down for easy storage and transportation

  • It has a powerful motor that can assist riders as they pedal, making it easy to climb hills or ride into headwinds

  • The RadRover 6 comes with integrated lights and a horn, improving visibility and safety when riding

  • It has built-in fenders to keep riders clean and dry in all weather conditions

  • The bike has a comfortable seat that can be adjusted to fit different riders

  • The RadRover 6 has a durable frame, built to last

  • It comes with front and rear brakes for quick stopping power

  • The RadRover 6 includes a warranty for added peace of mind

  • It comes with rear light that functions even when the lights are off

2 Reasons Not to Buy the RadRover 6

  • The RadRover 6 is a bit heavy, weighing in at over 70 pounds

  • The secondary display is a little difficult to view when riding on a bright sunny day

The Bottom Line on the RadRover 6

With its powerful motor and long-lasting battery, the RadRover 6 can take you anywhere you want to go. Whether cruising down a dirt path or exploring a new trail, the RadRover 6 will quickly get you there.

Rad Power’s dedicated city eBike, the Class 2 RadCity has an upright position for comfortable riding in urban environments. The RadCity is available in high-step and step-thru versions

10 Reasons to Buy the RadCity 5

  • The Radcity 5 Step Thru boasts a range of 50+ miles and a top speed of 20mph which bodes well for urban riders as well as beginner cyclists.

  • The Radcity 5 Step-Thru electric commuter bike is built with a custom-geared hub motor that provides power up to 750 W and gives riders a better grip at high speeds with low-end torque.

  • The 7-speed gearing of the Radcity 5 Step Thru e-bike ensures bike riders can take smooth turns, handle the speed of the bike in unstable traffic, and park effectively.

  • For improved stopping power at high speeds and downhill riding, the Radcity e-bike is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes. They ease the speed down to a swift stop instead of bringing the bike into a sudden risky jerk.

  • The handlebars of the Radcity 5 Step Thru are outfitted with Velo Rubber that is ergonomic, comfortable, and cooling. It does not scratch the skin or give harsh rashes.

  • The pedals of the electric commuter bike are equipped with reflectors for improved visibility during the night.

  • The wheels of the Radcity 5 Step Thru are lined with a puncture-resistant cover so there is less chance of wear and tear on the road.

  • The electric commuter bike promotes intuitive riding using a built-in torque sensor that detects the speed of pedaling and attempts to match the power of the hub motor.

  • The battery and charger connect simply to a standard 110v power outlet, which is commonly found in offices and residential places.

  • The rear rack of the Radcity 5 Step Thru e-bike is replaceable and allows space to add a passenger seat, as well as carry large rucksacks while bikepacking.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the RadCity 5

  • The electric commuter bike has a payload capacity of 275 lbs, which may not work for everyone.

  • The suspension fork of the electric commuter bike may be a bit difficult to adjust for improved range.

The Bottom Line on the RadCity 5

The Rad Power RadCity 5 is the eBike for you if you are after a comfortable riding city bike that can carry moderate loads. It’s outfitted with a rack, lights, and fenders so you have all that you need to navigate urban streets and inclement weather.

The minivan’s days are numbered. The Rad Power RadWagon 4 is the long-tail cargo eBike that will haul everything from kids to compost for the garden.

10 Reasons to Buy the RadWagon 4

  • Wide tires for stability with heavy loads.

  • The high payload capacity of 350 lbs.

  • Accessories extend functionality.

  • Wide seats to seat multiple children.

  • Foot pegs for ride comfort.

  • Swept-back handlebars.

  • Easily-adjustable seat posts.

  • High value for the feature set.

  • Easy-to-read display.

  • Strong steel kickstand.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the RadWagon 4

  • Mechanical disc brakes can be strained with heavy loads

  • Lacks power for steep climbs

The Bottom Line on the RadWagon 4

At a price under $2000, the RadWagon 4 is a good value for all that it delivers. A high weight capacity, lots of customization with accessories, and good stability make the RadWagon 4 an excellent alternative to sitting in traffic with the family SUV.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is the latest iteration of one of Rad Power’s most popular eBike. The compact, step-through frame and fat 20” tires make this utility eBike easily maneuverable and fun to ride!

5 Reasons to Buy the RadRunner 3 Plus

  • 350+ Accessory Combinations to customize the RadRunner 3 Plus for your needs

  • The frame-integrated extended rear rack offers ample space for cargo or an extra passenger

  • More secure braking with hydraulic brakes and adjustable brake levers to fit a wide range of hand sizes

  • A low-step frame, suspension fork, and ergonomic saddle offer enhanced accessibility and improved comfort for all types of riders.

  • An optional dual battery can mount under the rear rack and provide up to 100 miles of range.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the RadRunner 3 Plus

  • If you’re looking for a cargo bike to carry multiple kids and gear, the compact size of the RadRunner may be a little small.

  • Looking for speed? The RadRunner 3 Plus is a Class 2 ebike with a maximum top speed of 20 mph.

The Bottom Line on the RadRunner 3 Plus

Rad Power Bikes builds upon the beloved RadRunner utility ebike series with the upgraded RadRunner 3 Plus. You have nearly unlimited customization possibilities with the vast number of accessories available.

The RadTrike represents Rad Power's first foray outside of the world of two-wheeled electric vehicles, an all-new product category that blurs the efficiency of a bike with the functionality of a car.

Learn more about the RadTrike from the founder of Rad Power, Mike Radenbaugh in this interview on the Micromobility Podcast.

8 Reasons to Buy the RadTrike

  • RadTrike features a 5-level Pedal Assist System (PAS) and an on-demand throttle.

  • The single-speed gearing, rear coaster brake, and front wheel disc brake simplify maintenance and operation for added peace of mind.

  • The generous step-thru frame and incorporated parking brake create a seamless on-and-off experience.

  • A large ergonomic saddle with a backrest and a sweeping handlebar allows riders to settle into a position that works for them.

  • The RadTrike’s steel frame results in a 415 lb total payload capacity and absorbs bumps in the road for maximum ride comfort.

  • It was designed to fit through most exterior doorways and features a simple reverse mode, so riders can easily navigate tight situations.

  • When traveling, it can be easily folded to fit into a vehicle or stored without taking up too much space.

  • The built-in rear rack and front rack mounts are compatible with the Rad Power Bikes line of baskets and accessories for full personalization

2 Reasons Not to Buy the RadTrike

  • Some people say the seat is uncomfortable

  • While less expensive than a good portion of the market there are cheaper alternatives out there.

The Bottom Line on the RadTrike

If you are in the market for a trike and you want one that is from an established brand name and at a fair price, the RadTrike could be the one for you.

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