September 15, 2023

The Function and the Feeling of the Heybike Cityrun

They Heybike Cityrun is perfect as your first electric bike and/or when you move from a densely populated small apartment to the suburbs.

There are two sides to buying a bike: the function and the feelings. The former is a well-established trope in product reviews, and I won’t leave you hanging on the essential specs like drive (hub), top speed (21 mph), and max range (55 miles), etc (you can see all the specs below). But the latter is what really matters. While we may buy a specific bike because it offers the perfect combination of components, we ride it because it provides us transportation, freedom, and fun—a small return to the first time we balanced on two wheels.

Having recently moved to the suburbs, the feelings were front and center when the box from Heybike arrived in my driveway. I went from the density of Brooklyn to living far enough away from the nearest store that walking isn’t an option. So now, like most Americans, I’m faced with a drive to grab some milk or butter at the store. An e-bike fundamentally changes this equation. 

After putting the bike together—the instructions were just OK, but the videos helped—I hopped on to run my first errand. The Heybike Cityrun easily handled my driveway and street, but the real test was the mile-long hill that led to my local grocery store. With two lanes and a 40-mph speed limit that’s rarely adhered to, an underpowered bike can leave you feeling vulnerable. Luckily, the Cityrun was largely up to the challenge, though I did have to do some real peddling to get up the steep grade.

Parked the Cityrun has a striking silhouette in black and white, though I could live without the huge logos all over the place. The app, which can be synced via Bluetooth with the bike, will automatically turn the vehicle on and off while you’re near. Unfortunately, it took a week or two to finally sign in and sync my bike as issues plagued the login. 

Where the Cityrun shines most is price. At just under $1300, it’s hard to get more bike for your dollar. While there are some trade-offs on looks and customer support, it offers an excellent and versatile solution for anyone looking to buy their first e-bike. But most importantly, it provides freedom to leave your car behind and feel the wind on your face.

Finally, if you want to check out another Heybike offering, check out Lauren's video review of the Heybike Tyson.

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What other reviewers are saying

15 Reasons to Buy the Heybike Cityrun

  • Competitively priced
  • High-quality components such as hydraulic disc brakes, turn signals, hydraulic suspension, and a sturdy rear rack
  • Value for money with features and performance
  • Adjustable front shot and seven different speeds
  • Top speed of 28.1 miles per hour
  • Battery range up to 55 miles
  • Safety features like lights and turn signals
  • Comfort elements like shock-absorbing seat tubes
  • LED headlight for nighttime use
  • Can handle most weather conditions
  • Good-quality welds and outstanding paint job
  • High-quality front and rear lights
  • Leather handlebar grips
  • Built-in water bottle holder
  • Heybike smartphone app for customizing the bike and tracking rides

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Heybike Cityrun

  • Lacks name recognition of more established brands
  • Weight is a downside



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Bottom Line

The Heybike Cityrun offers incredible value for its price, providing high-quality components and performance features that usually come at a higher cost. With its adjustable front shock and seven-speed options, it offers versatility for any rider. Safety features such as lights and turn signals enhance visibility, while comfort elements like shock-absorbing seat tubes ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. The Heybike Cityrun's sleek design, outstanding paint job, and high-quality welds showcase its attention to detail. Despite lacking the name recognition of established brands, this micromobility vehicle proves to be a reliable and affordable option for urban commuting and leisurely rides. Its built-in water bottle holder and smartphone app for customization and ride tracking make it a convenient choice. The Heybike Cityrun is a fantastic investment for those seeking a dependable, feature-packed ride without breaking the bank.


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Product FAQs

Can I ride the Heybike Cityrun in different weather conditions?

Yes, the Cityrun is designed to handle most weather conditions, allowing you to ride confidently rain or shine.

Are there any customization options available for the Cityrun through a smartphone app?

Yes, with the Heybike smartphone app, you can customize your eBike settings and track your rides.

What is the maximum range of the Heybike Cityrun on a single charge?

The Heybike Cityrun has a maximum range of up to 55 miles on a single charge.

Does the Cityrun offer any features for comfort?

Yes, it includes comfort elements like a shock-absorbing seat tube to reduce the impact of bumps and an adjustable front shock.

How fast can the Heybike Cityrun go?

The Cityrun can reach a top speed of 28.1 miles per hour.

Is the Cityrun heavy to transport?

While the Cityrun may not be the lightest eBike on the market, it is made of aluminum for durability and has a solid build that compensates for its weight.

What type of brakes does the Cityrun eBike have?

The Cityrun features hydraulic disc brakes for effective stopping power.

Does the Cityrun come with safety features?

Yes, the Cityrun is equipped with lights, turn signals for visibility, and hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power.

What are some of the convenient features included in the Cityrun eBike?

The Cityrun includes a leather handlebar grip, a built-in water bottle holder, an LED headlight for nighttime use, and a sturdy rear rack.

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