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Updated: November, 2023


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After scouring the web for reviews and summaries, we at Ride Review are excited to present an overview of the Dualtron City Electric Scooter. Known for its impressive ride quality, this scooter delivers a smooth and comfortable experience thanks to its large wheels, heavy-duty construction, and excellent suspension. One standout feature of the Dualtron City is its 15-inch tires. With these bigger tires, the scooter is capable of absorbing impact easier than traditional scooter tires in the 8-11 inch range. This translates to a smoother ride over varied terrain. Another noteworthy feature is the swappable battery pack. This allows riders to maximize their range and minimize the weight of the scooter by easily swapping out the battery. With a maximum range of 55 miles, riders can feel confident in their ability to go the distance. Safety is also a priority with the Dualtron City. It comes stock with full hydraulic brakes, providing more than ample stopping power when needed. This is an important feature, especially at higher speeds. The scooter also features a range of other essential components such as a headlight, LCD display, fenders, throttle, and kickstand. In terms of performance, the Dualtron City doesn't disappoint. With 4,000 watts of power on a mid-size frame, riders can expect a punchy and responsive ride. It's a scooter that can handle various riding conditions and is suitable for riders of different experience levels. While the Dualtron City offers an exceptional riding experience, it's worth noting that it may not be the most portable option. Its larger size may not be suitable for those who prioritize portability in their electric scooter. However, if ride quality and power are your main considerations, the Dualtron City is definitely worth considering. In terms of pricing, the Dualtron City falls on the higher end, with a price tag of $3,399. While it may be comparably expensive, it is important to remember that it comes with high-quality features, a sturdy build, and the reliability associated with the Dualtron brand. In summary, the Dualtron City Electric Scooter is a premium option for riders who value ride quality, power, and durability. Its large wheels, heavy-duty construction, and excellent suspension make for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. Despite being less portable and having a higher price tag, the Dualtron City is a top choice for those looking for a premium electric scooter. With its sleek design and impressive performance, it's a scooter that will turn heads and deliver a thrilling ride.


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4 Reasons to Buy the City

  • The Dualtron 3 offers an enjoyable ride and versatile options for added security and comfort.
  • The Dualtron Eagle Pro is a fast electric scooter with a sleek design and sturdy build.
  • The Dualtron City delivers impressive ride quality with its large wheels, heavy-duty construction, and excellent suspension.
  • The video provides a comprehensive review and ranking of the best electric scooters, catering to riders of different experience levels.

4 Reasons Not to Buy the City

  • The Dualtron 3 is comparably expensive and suffers from design flaws such as stem wobble and a lack of water resistance.
  • The Dualtron Eagle Pro lacks waterproofing, is not easily portable, and could have better features for its price.
  • The Dualtron City is large and less portable, which may not be suitable for those who prioritize portability.
  • The video covers various brands and models, so it may not provide in-depth information on specific scooters.

Bottom Line

The Dualtron series offers a range of electric scooters that deliver an enjoyable and high-performance ride. Whether you're looking for added security, comfort, or impressive ride quality, there's a Dualtron scooter for you. While some models may have design flaws and lack certain features, the sleek design, sturdy build, and excellent suspension of these scooters make them a top choice for urban commuters and scooter enthusiasts. The comprehensive video review provides a great overview of the best electric scooters on the market, catering to riders of all experience levels. If you're willing to invest in a premium micromobility vehicle, Dualtron is a brand worth considering.


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Frequently Asked Questions - City

Can the battery of the Dualtron City be easily swapped?

Yes, the Dualtron City features a swappable battery pack, which allows riders to maximize range and minimize the weight, facilitating longer rides and convenient battery management.
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What is the maximum range of the Dualtron City Electric Scooter?

The Dualtron City offers a maximum range of approximately 55 miles (88.5137 km), which allows for extensive travel distance on a single charge.

How fast can the Dualtron City Electric Scooter go?

The Dualtron City can reach a top speed of approximately 45 mph (72.4203 km/h), making it a high-performance scooter for its class.

What types of use cases is the Dualtron City designed for?

The Dualtron City is designed primarily for riding in the city, and is well-suited for commuting, neighborhood travel, and general street use.

What are some of the key features of the Dualtron City?

Key features of the Dualtron City include a headlight, LCD display, fenders, throttle, kickstand, and hydraulic brakes, making it a well-equipped scooter for various ride use cases.

What type of frame does the Dualtron City have?

The Dualtron City is built with an aluminum frame, offering a durable yet lightweight structure.

What is the stopping power of the Dualtron City?

The stopping power of the Dualtron City is provided by its stock full hydraulic brakes, giving the scooter more than ample stopping power necessary for safe riding.

How much does the Dualtron City weigh, and what is the weight capacity?

The weight of the Dualtron City is approximately 41.28 kg (91 lbs), however, the specific weight capacity is not listed in the provided information.

What makes the Dualtron City Electric Scooter suitable for city commuting?

The Dualtron City is equipped with 15-inch tires which provide better impact absorption over typical 8-11 inch scooter tires, and a swappable battery pack allowing for extended range. With its full hydraulic brakes and powerful 4,000-watt dual drive system, it offers reliable performance and safety for city commuting and street use.

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