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Eunorau UHVO

Updated: September, 2023
If you're looking for an affordable e-bike that can handle off-road adventures without sacrificing performance, the Eunorau UHVO is worth considering. With its dual-suspension design and powerful motor, this bike can tackle tough terrains with ease. One standout feature of the UHVO is its 180mm hydraulic brakes, which provide excellent control and stopping power. This makes it a competent off-road bike, giving riders the confidence to navigate challenging trails. Additionally, the 7-speed freewheel allows for easy gear switching, making uphill climbs more manageable and downhill rides more thrilling. Comfort is also a priority with the UHVO. The seat is designed to deliver maximum comfort, suitable for riders between 5'1" and 6'2". The seat comes with a seat post, ensuring support for riders of all sizes. The cushy handlebars provide a firm grip, essential for maintaining balance during rides. Equipped with a rear-mounted hub motor, the UHVO can crank out a constant 350 watts or 750 watts of power, depending on the model. This motor works well on all terrains, providing ample power for uphill climbs and quick acceleration. The top speed of 20mph can be reached using either the pedal assist or thumb throttle. It's worth considering, however, that the UHVO does have some limitations. While it performs well off-road, other e-bikes may have better systems for off-road climbing. Additionally, the gear range is more suited for off-road adventures rather than high-speed rides on the road. The 14-inch wheels are also on the smaller side, which may not provide the best experience on heavy trail roads. Overall, the Eunorau UHVO offers an affordable and capable e-bike option for riders who enjoy off-road adventures. With its full suspension system, powerful motor, and comfortable features, it delivers excellent value for those looking to explore rough terrains.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Eunorau UHVO

  • The Eunorau Uhvo is a dual-suspension bike at an affordable price.
  • The 180mm hydraulic brakes provide great controlling and stopping power which makes it a competent off-road bike.
  • The 7-speed freewheel allows the rider to switch to a larger cog for going uphill and opt for a smaller cog for downhill rides.
  • The seat is designed to deliver maximum comfort to riders. It is suitable for riders between 5’1’’ – 6’2’’. The seat comes with a seat post ensuring support for all riders.
  • The bike is equipped with a rear-mounted hub motor which can crank out a constant 350 watts / 750 watts of power for moving uphill and quicker acceleration.
  • The powerful 6V350W / 48V750W Rear Geared Hub motor works well on all terrains.
  • It comes with high-quality nylon folding pedals.
  • The top speed of 20mph can be reached by using the pedal assist or the thumb throttle.
  • A double-sided plastic chain on the front chain keeps the chain locked.
  • The cushy handlebars deliver a firm grip that is required for a balanced ride.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Eunorau Uhvo

  • Other e-bikes have better systems for off-road climbing.
  • The gear range is slow for going fast on the road.
  • The bike's 14 inch wheels are rather small for riding on heavy trail roads.

Bottom Line

The Eunorau Uhvo is a competent trail rider that’s pretty economical. If you are looking for range and power, Eunorau Uhvo comes with several upgrade options.


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