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The Nanrobot LS7+ is a powerful and feature-packed electric scooter that is sure to impress experienced riders. With its color display, spacious deck, off-road tires, RGB lights, and anti-theft alarm, this scooter is designed to provide a comfortable and secure riding experience. One standout feature of the LS7+ is its color display on the handlebars. This display shows your speed, battery level, gear, and other important information, allowing you to stay informed while on the go. The spacious deck is another plus, ensuring that you feel comfortable and stable during your rides. The inclusion of off-road tires makes the LS7+ suitable for all types of terrain, giving you the freedom to explore. Additionally, the RGB lights on the scooter not only add a stylish touch but also increase visibility at night, enhancing safety. To address security concerns, the LS7+ comes with an anti-theft alarm, providing peace of mind when you need to leave your scooter unattended. While the LS7+ offers impressive performance and a range of great features, there are a few downsides to consider. Some reviewers have mentioned that riding at the highest speed may make you feel a bit unstable, so it's important to take caution. Additionally, the off-road tires may not be ideal for riding on regular streets all the time. Finally, a few reviewers have noted that the horn and front light could be stronger. Overall, the Nanrobot LS7+ is a powerful and feature-rich electric scooter that caters to the needs of experienced riders. Its impressive performance, comfort, and high-end features make it a top choice for those who want a thrilling and reliable ride.


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5 Reasons to Buy the Vehicle

  • A color display on the handlebars shows your speed, battery level, gear, and other information.
  • The spacious deck allows you to feel comfortable while riding the scooter.
  • The off-road tires make this scooter suitable for all terrain.
  • The RGB lights keep the scooter easily visible at night.
  • An anti-theft alarm is included on the bike to make it more secure.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Vehicle

  • This scooter could make you feel a bit unstable when riding at the highest speed.
  • Since the scooter features off-road tires, it’s not the best for riding on regular streets all the time.
  • The horn and front light might be a bit weak.

Bottom Line

The Nanrobot LS7+ is not your average scooter. It comes with fantastic suspension, a durable Lithium-ion battery, a pre-installed steering damper, a well-built aluminum alloy frame, and many other features you will love once you try the scooter out. It might be a bit more expensive than other electric scooters, but the price is justified by its quality and capabilities. So, don’t hesitate to try it out!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Nanrobot LS7+

Does the Nanrobot LS7+ have a folding mechanism?

Yes, the Nanrobot LS7+ has a folding mechanism which adds to its convenience.
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How powerful is the motor on the Nanrobot LS7+?

The Nanrobot LS7+ is powered by a 2400-watts all-wheel hub-drive motor.

Is the Nanrobot LS7+ suitable for off-road use?

Yes, the scooter is suitable for off-road riding thanks to its off-road tires.

What type of brakes does the Nanrobot LS7+ have?

The Nanrobot LS7+ is equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

What is the range of the Nanrobot LS7+ on a single charge?

The Nanrobot LS7+ can travel up to 72.4205 kilometers on a single charge.

What is the release year of the Nanrobot LS7+?

The Nanrobot LS7+ was released in the year 2021.

What is the maximum load capacity of the Nanrobot LS7+?

The Nanrobot LS7+ can support a maximum weight of 150 kilograms.

Does the Nanrobot LS7+ come with lights for visibility?

Yes, it features RGB lights for better visibility at night, along with a headlight and a brake light.

What is the top speed of the Nanrobot LS7+?

The top speed of the Nanrobot LS7+ is approximately 88.5139 kilometers per hour.

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