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At Ride Review, we take our job of finding the perfect micromobility vehicles and accessories seriously. When it comes to eBikes, we've scoured the web to bring you an overview of the Propella 9S Pro, a lightweight, efficient, and stylish option for urban commuting. Starting with the pros, the Propella 9S Pro has been praised for its superior parts, offering more power and speed compared to its predecessors. Riders have reported a smooth operation and responsive riding experience, adding to the overall enjoyment of the bike. We were particularly impressed with the reasonable price of the 9S Pro, considering its attractive design and upgraded features. The bike's lightweight build makes it an excellent choice for city commuting, ensuring easy maneuverability. Speaking of build quality, the Propella 9S Pro does not disappoint. Riders have raved about the high build quality and the inclusion of features like hydraulic disc brakes and larger tires. These additions enhance the ride quality and offer a good balance of speed and power. The battery performance has also been satisfactory, providing sufficient range for city rides. However, there are a few cons to consider. The lack of a throttle may be a drawback for some riders who prefer more control over their speed. Additionally, the conspicuous battery design may attract unwanted attention from potential thieves. We always recommend taking precautions to secure your eBike and prevent theft. Suggestions for improvement include internal cable routing and better quality and color of the chain. While these are minor details, they can contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the bike. Additionally, some potential buyers have raised concerns about the limited information available on the Propeller 7s electric bike, which may cause uncertainty during the purchase process. Overall, the Propella 9S Pro is a standout option for those seeking a lightweight, efficient, and stylish eBike for urban commuting. With its superior parts, responsive ride, attractive design, and reasonable price, it's no wonder riders have been impressed with this model. At Ride Review, we recommend considering the Propella 9S Pro for your city commuting needs. Happy riding!



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7 Reasons to Buy the 9S PRO

  • Superior parts, more power and speed
  • Smooth operation and responsive riding experience
  • Reasonable price with attractive design
  • Efficient, lightweight build for city commuting
  • High build quality with upgraded features
  • Impressive ride quality and balance of speed and power
  • Good braking power and sufficient battery performance

3 Reasons Not to Buy the 9S PRO

  • Lack of throttle may be a drawback for some
  • Conspicuous battery may attract thieves
  • Suggestions for improvement include internal cable routing and better quality/color of chain

Bottom Line

The 9S PRO micromobility vehicle offers a superior riding experience with its powerful and smooth operation. With its reasonable price, attractive design, and efficient build, it is perfect for city commuting. The bike's high build quality, impressive ride quality, and good braking power make it a reliable choice. While some may miss having a throttle, the overall package of this micromobility vehicle is sure to please.

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Frequently Asked Questions - 9S PRO

What type of frame and wheel size does the 9S Pro have?

The 9S Pro has an aluminum frame with 27.5-inch wheels and 2-inch wide tires.
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What kind of brakes does the 9S Pro have?

The 9S Pro is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for good braking power.

What are some safety and technology features of the 9S Pro?

The 9S Pro comes with a headlight, new sensor technology, zero-resistance motor, an integrated battery, and a torque sensor for enhanced safety and performance.

What is the Propella 9S Pro designed for?

The Propella 9S Pro is designed for seamless urban commuting and thrilling outdoor adventures, perfect for city commuting with its superior parts, smooth operation, and responsive riding experience.

What is the range of the 9S Pro on pedal-assist?

The 9S Pro offers an impressive 55-mile pedal-assist range, which is approximately 88.51 kilometers.

How fast can the 9S Pro go?

The 9S Pro can reach up to 20 mph (approximately 32.19 km/h).

What is the price of the 9S Pro?

The 9S Pro is priced at $849.

Does the 9S Pro have a throttle?

No, the 9S Pro lacks a throttle, which may be a drawback for riders who prefer more control over their speed.

How much does the 9S Pro weigh?

The 9S Pro weighs 42.5 pounds (approximately 19.28 kg).

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