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Updated: November, 2023


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At Ride Review, we've scoured the web to bring you an overview of the Vvolt Sirius eBike. This well-designed and comfortable eBike is perfect for street and light off-road use, making it a versatile option for riders of varying skill levels. With a moderately affordable price tag, the Sirius offers exceptional value for money. One standout feature of the Sirius is its sleek, integrated battery design. This not only adds to the overall aesthetic of the bike but also makes it more convenient to charge. Additionally, the Sirius is equipped with advanced capabilities, including a mid-drive motor and a belt drive with an internally geared drivetrain. These features provide a smooth and efficient riding experience, while the wide pedal assistance gear range allows riders to easily tackle different terrains. The build quality of the Sirius is excellent, ensuring a reliable ride every time. The mid-drive motor, Gates CDX Belt Drive, and Enviolo Rear Hub contribute to the bike's unique features, adding to its overall appeal. Riders have praised the Sirius for its polished and comfortable ride, with remarkable pedal-assist. In terms of maintenance, the Sirius is low maintenance, allowing riders to focus more on enjoying their ride rather than constant upkeep. Additionally, this eBike is known for its easy ride, making it accessible to riders of all experience levels. While the Vvolt Sirius eBike offers exceptional performance, comfort, and a range of advanced features, it does have a couple of drawbacks to consider. The smaller battery capacity in the Vvolt Sirius eBike may limit the total distance riders can travel on a single charge. Additionally, there is no throttle function available, which may be a downside for those who prefer that type of control. Overall, the Vvolt Sirius eBike is a standout option for riders looking for a high-quality, reliable, and comfortable eBike. Its sleek design, advanced features, and excellent build quality make it a great choice for those who want to explore both city streets and light off-road trails. With its affordable price point and backed by a 3-year warranty, the Vvolt Sirius eBike offers great value for money. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, the Sirius is definitely worth considering for your next ride.



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14 Reasons to Buy the Sirius

  • Well-designed and comfortable for street and light off-road use
  • Moderately affordable
  • Sleek, integrated battery design
  • Advanced capabilities including a mid-drive motor and belt drive with an internally geared drivetrain
  • Wide pedal assistance gear range
  • High-quality and reliable ride
  • Unique features like mid-drive motor, Gates CDX Belt Drive, and Enviolo Rear Hub
  • Excellent build quality and ride quality
  • Polished and comfortable ride with remarkable pedal-assist
  • Value for money, backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Smooth mid-drive motor and stepless internal gear hub
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy ride
  • Affordability

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Sirius

  • Smaller battery capacity (in the Vvolt Sirius e-bike)
  • No throttle (in the Vvolt Sirius e-bike)

Bottom Line

The Vvolt Sirius is a well-designed and comfortable micromobility vehicle that offers a smooth and reliable ride. With advanced capabilities like a mid-drive motor and belt drive, it provides a wide gear range and impressive pedal assistance. The Sirius boasts excellent build quality and ride quality, making it a great value for money option, backed by a 3-year warranty. While it may have a smaller battery capacity and lack a throttle, its low maintenance and easy ride make it an affordable and attractive choice for street and light off-road use.


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