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Last Updated October 16, 2023

Portland, Oregon
Electric Bike Rebates and Tax Credits

Latest Rebates and Tax Credits - Portland, Oregon

Last Updated
October 16, 2023
Free e-bikes
Ride2Own Greater Portland
Participants of the Ride2Own program will receive their own eBike at no cost — along with the essentials including safety gear, repair, and scheduled maintenance. Ride2Own will go beyond most current eBike subsidy programs –delivering not only free eBikes, but also training , safety gear, maintenance/repairs, and community- building events. The program design and execution is advised by compensated community members and transportation experts across disciplines to support the integrity and accessibility of each pilot.
Last Updated
October 7, 2023
Post-purchase rebate
Portland Clean Energy Fund E-Bike Rebate
The Portland Clean Energy Fund draft plan includes $20 million for an electric bike rebate program for income-qualified households to get rebates for e-bikes and cargo e-bikes from local bike retailers. The program will also provide community education and incentives for equitable access to e-bikes, as well as safety equipment, lighting, weatherproof gear, charging infrastructure, secure storage areas, and locks. The plan also includes $25 million for an expansion of the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Transportation Wallet program, which offers transit passes and Biketown/scooter-share ride credits to income-qualified Portlanders. Finally, $35 million in grants will be given to nonprofit organizations to help them identify community mobility needs and solutions and prepare them to implement environmentally sustainable transportation projects.

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