August 1, 2023

ūüó≥ Americans Want National eBike Credit

Plus, should the gov block unsafe ebikes and scooters at the border?

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What You Need to Know Today

The New York Times published not one but two articles this weekend arguing that ebikes are responsible for the rising rate at which motor vehicles are killing cyclists in America. It’s an impressive feat of victim-blaming, which to paraphrase Micah Toll from Electrek, is a bit like saying innocent bystanders cause mass shootings by walking into bullets.

What’s striking about the NYT’s stance is how much it is at odds with city-dwellers' sentiments on ebikes. A public opinion survey conducted by eBikes.org found that 70% of big-city residents in the U.S. support the proposed federal E-Bike Act Tax Credit, which would cover 30% of the cost of a new ebike. Moreover, nearly half of respondents said they would be likely to use such a credit if it passed. 

On¬†the latest episode of Ride On!,¬†James and Julia took a trip to Venice Beach to talk to Adam McDermott about the founding of Linus, the brand‚Äôs evolution from acoustic to electric bikes, and more. They also took a closer look at the company‚Äôs newest releases, the classic Euro-style¬†eDutchi¬†and¬†eRoadster. ‚ÄúAs with all of our bikes, we focused on quality, utility, and minimal design,‚ÄĚ says McDermott. ‚ÄúIn a world of chunky electric bikes, I wanted something that is simple and elegant.‚ÄĚ

The UK recorded its lowest cyclist fatalities in 30 years in 2022, as well as a 25% reduction in fatalities compared to pre-pandemic numbers. Among the reasons for this reduction is the introduction of 20 mph zones in more areas throughout the country.

With an IPO on the horizon, Ola Electric, one of India’s largest electric moped makers, reports it saw $136M in losses on $336M in revenue in the last fiscal year.

In addition to the eDutchi and eRoadster, we just added full reviews for the incredible MagiCycle Deer SUV and the Emerald Folding ebikes on Ride Review. 

‚ÄúSaving money, not worrying about parking, getting to your locations faster‚ÄĚ - these are a few of the¬†profound benefits¬†that delivery operators can expect when switching over to electric cargo bikes.¬†

Bike valets are becoming a common sight at parties in Sacramento, thanks to a local nonprofit that is trying to get people to drive less. Last year alone, the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates’ bike valet program parked about 7,350 bikes across 200 events.

In a new report, Hero MotoCorp confirms rumors that the company plans to partner with California-based Zero Motorcycles to bring electric motorcycles to India. 

Silicon Valley startup Arevo has reportedly halted manufacturing of its 3D-printed Superstrata carbon-fibre ebike due to inadequate funding and a high volume of customer complaints. Owners of the bikes have expressed a wide range of concerns with the Superstrata, including large discrepancies between the vehicle’s actual weight and what the company advertised… 

A study by Virginia Polytechnic Institute found that escooter riders who transitioned from one surface to another were 60x more likely to crash, and those who rode on a designated path were 25x less likely to crash than those who did not. 

Burning Man announced it will not ban ebikes this year, disappointing critics who say that people who use the devices to traverse the desert festival grounds at high speeds pose a risk to public safety.  Instead the organizers are calling on ebike riders to police themselves, using some very, uh, blunt language...

Lime says it plans to introduce seated scooters to its Chicago fleet, which the company hopes will improve accessibility for more of the city’s residents. 

Gogoro has partnered with Japanese home goods brand MUJI to introduce their Recycling for Good program, which encourages citizens to bring recyclable plastics into Gogoro locations. The material will be incorporated as side paneling in Gogoro’s new scooter line as a way to reduce production emissions. 

What ever happened to Coolped, the motorized suitcase on wheels that was made famous by an appearance on Shark Tank in 2018? SlashGear offers a status update on the brand.

Last week, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy¬†vetoed a bill¬†to classify ebikes as class 1, 2, or 3, which is a common system currently used by 39 U.S. states. In defense of his decision, Dunleavy argued that the bill creates unnecessary regulations around ‚Äúrecreational activity.‚ÄĚ

Danish ebike brand Mate Bikes announced it is pulling out of the UK.  

In California, police are paying more attention to small electric vehicles, and reportedly handing out more fines for non-street legal ebikes. 

In response to a recent uptick in micromobility-related fires, a UK charity called Electrical Safety First is arguing that li-ion batteries should be required to undergo third-party safety approval prior to sale, the same as fireworks, heavy machinery, and medical devices. As of now, manufacturers are allowed to self-declare that ebike and scooter batteries meet safety standards. The group is also calling for a ban on universal chargers and introducing standards for conversion kits. 

New York City has implemented a host of solutions to prevent battery fires, such as outdoor charging stations and mandated UL certifications. Now some New Yorkers are calling for the government to go further and seize unsafe ebikes and scooters at the border, before they can reach potential buyers.

Browse the best jobs in micromobility‚ÄĒand post your own‚ÄĒon our¬†Jobs to Be Done¬†board.

Due to overwhelming demand, Connecticut has increased funding for its ebike incentive program by 50%, now reaching a total of $750,000 in rebates. The program launched for the first time this year, and received over six thousand applications within the first ten days.

In Detroit, residents are calling for the implementation of a similar ebike incentive program, which would help supplement the city’s public transportation system and improve local air quality. 

Colorado is launching its statewide ebike rebate this month, which will likely attract tremendous interest. Right now, there are more than 20,000 people signed up to receive updates on the release of the next round of rebates in Denver’s municipal program.

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