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Introducing the Emojo Breeze Pro, a lifestyle eBike that embodies a sense of freedom and effortless beauty. With its stylish step-thru aluminum frame and comfortable balloon fat street tires, the Breeze Pro is a symbol of elegance and urban personality. This classic beach cruiser style eBike is packed with features to enhance your riding experience and make every journey a breeze. One of the standout features of the Breeze Pro is its powerful Bafang electric motor, delivering 500 watts of power. This motor provides a smooth and reliable ride, while also offering good speed and range. The bike has a 30-mile range, perfect for commuting or leisurely rides around the city. The 7-speed Shimano transmission allows for easy gear changes, giving you control over the bike's performance. Safety is a top priority with the Breeze Pro. It is equipped with Tektro-disc brakes, providing excellent stopping power. The brake inhibitors are a great safety measure, as they kill power to the entire system when the brakes are engaged. This ensures a safe and reliable ride. The Breeze Pro also boasts various convenience features. The backlit LCD screen allows for easy reading of your speed, distance, and battery level, even in low light conditions. LED lights are integrated into the bike, providing visibility and safety during night rides. The rear cargo rack is perfect for carrying groceries or other belongings, making this eBike practical and versatile. The Emojo Breeze Pro is built to last, with high-quality robotic welding ensuring durability and strength. The plush saddle with spring-mounted suspension provides a comfortable and smooth ride, even on uneven terrain. The ultra-wide tires offer stability and a unique aesthetic that sets this eBike apart from the rest. One of the standout features of the Breeze Pro is its effortlessly removable and swappable battery. This feature makes it convenient to charge the battery or swap it out for a spare, extending your range even further. The battery is built-in, adding to the sleek and stylish design of this eBike. Overall, the Emojo Breeze Pro is a top-quality eBike that combines style, functionality, and performance. While it may lack some high-end features, its impressive power, long-range capability, and thoughtful design make it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring the city, the Breeze Pro will make every ride a breeze.



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16 Reasons to Buy the Breeze Pro

  • Benefits of fat tire e-bikes paired with long-range batteries
  • Stylish step-thru aluminum frame
  • Powerful Bafang electric motor
  • Various features such as backlit LCD screen, LED lights, and rear cargo rack
  • 30-mile range
  • 7-speed Shimano transmission
  • Tektro-disc brakes
  • Quiet brushless hub motor
  • High-quality robotic welding
  • Plush saddle with spring-mounted suspension
  • Ultra-wide tires
  • Battery can be removed and swapped effortlessly
  • Good speed and range
  • Equipped for commuting needs
  • Unique fat tire design
  • Great safety measure with brake inhibitors

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Breeze Pro

  • Lacks high-end features
  • Delay in cadence sensor when starting and stopping pedaling

Bottom Line

The Breeze Pro is the perfect micromobility vehicle for those looking for a stylish and reliable option. With its powerful motor and long-range battery, it offers a smooth and efficient ride. The unique fat tire design and high-quality features, such as a backlit LCD screen and LED lights, make this vehicle perfect for commuting needs. While it may not have high-end features, the Breeze Pro compensates with its impressive speed and range. With its plush saddle and spring-mounted suspension, you can enjoy a comfortable ride every time. Plus, the battery is easily removable and swappable, making it convenient for longer journeys. Overall, the Breeze Pro is a great choice for anyone in search of a reliable and stylish micromobility vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Breeze Pro

Is the Emojo Breeze Pro's battery removable?

Yes, the battery is effortlessly removable and swappable, which is convenient for charging or extending the bike's range with a spare.
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Are there any cargo options on the Breeze Pro?

Yes, the eBike comes with a rear cargo rack, which is perfect for carrying groceries or other items.

What is the frame material of the Breeze Pro?

The Breeze Pro features a stylish step-thru aluminum frame.

What is the power output of the Emojo Breeze Pro's motor?

The Breeze Pro features a powerful Bafang electric motor delivering 500 watts of power.

What type of display does the Breeze Pro have?

The Breeze Pro has a backlit LCD screen that displays speed, distance, and battery level.

What kind of tires does the Breeze Pro have?

The eBike is fitted with comfortable balloon fat street tires that contribute to its classic beach cruiser style.

What is the range of the Breeze Pro on a full battery charge?

The bike has a 30-mile range on a full charge, suitable for commuting or leisurely city rides.

How does the Breeze Pro handle gear changes?

The bike uses a 7-speed Shimano transmission for easy and reliable gear changes.

Does the Breeze Pro come with any safety features?

Yes, the eBike is equipped with Tektro disc brakes for excellent stopping power and brake inhibitors for added safety.

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