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Updated: September, 2023


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At Ride Review, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and honest reviews of all the micromobility vehicles and accessories that matter. Today, we're excited to discuss the E-TORQUE from EUNORAU, an eBike that has captured the attention of riders and experts alike. One of the standout features of the E-TORQUE is its affordability. Priced at $1,599, it offers a combination of quality and affordable components that make it an attractive option for commuters on a budget. But don't let the price tag fool you, this eBike is packed with features that enhance the riding experience. One of the most commonly praised aspects of the E-TORQUE is its torque sensor, which creates a natural riding experience. This feature ensures that the pedal assist is responsive and smooth, providing riders with a seamless and enjoyable commute. And with a maximum range of 65 miles, you won't have to worry about running out of power during your daily rides. The EUNORAU E-TORQUE is also designed with comfort in mind. It features an adjustable stem and long seatpost, allowing riders of different heights to find the perfect fit. Additionally, the eBike comes equipped with a full suspension system, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven roads. Safety is a priority for EUNORAU, and the E-TORQUE reflects that. It includes essential safety features such as a headlight, taillight, and fenders, providing increased visibility for riders. However, it is worth noting that the bike lacks brake light activation or a horn, which may be a drawback for some riders. Overall, the E-TORQUE from EUNORAU is a solid choice for those looking for an affordable and feature-packed electric commuter. While it may have a fairly basic mechanical system, its torque sensor, comfortable design, and quality components make it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, the generous warranty offered by EUNORAU provides peace of mind for riders. If you're in the market for an eBike that offers a responsive riding experience, a good range, and a budget-friendly price tag, the E-TORQUE from EUNORAU is definitely worth considering. With its powerful motor, adjustable features, and modern components, it's a great option for urban commuting and leisurely rides.



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9 Reasons to Buy the E-TORQUE

  • The 2018 EUNORAU E-TORQUE is an affordable, feature-packed electric commuter.
  • It offers a decent range and quality components.
  • The torque sensor creates a natural riding experience.
  • It offers a responsive and smooth pedal assist.
  • The E-TORQUE from EUNORAU is a budget-friendly commuter with a generous warranty.
  • It has an adjustable stem and long seatpost for accommodating different riders.
  • The Unoro E-Torque electric bike has a powerful motor, a good range, and a low-step frame design.
  • It includes modern features like a 7-speed Shimano transmission and thumb throttle.
  • The Uniro E-Torque 36 volt 350 watt e-bike offers quality features like a torque sensor and full suspension.

5 Reasons Not to Buy the E-TORQUE

  • The 2018 EUNORAU E-TORQUE has a fairly basic mechanical system.
  • The throttle power output of the EUNORAU E-TORQUE is limited by the level of assist being used.
  • The E-TORQUE from EUNORAU lacks brake light activation or a horn.
  • The E-Torque electric bike does not have a cutoff switch for the brakes.
  • The seat post shock of the Uniro E-Torque might not accommodate heavier riders.

Bottom Line

The Eunorau Meta275 E-Torque is a budget-friendly and commuter-ready e-bike that offers a comfortable and efficient riding experience. With its responsive pedal assist and powerful motor, this bike is perfect for urban commuting. It also includes modern features like a Shimano transmission and thumb throttle, making it a versatile option for riders. While it may not have the highest performance or advanced features, the E-Torque offers great value for its price point and comes with a generous warranty. Overall, it's a reliable and accessible electric commuter that will surely make your rides enjoyable.


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