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If someone gave out awards for "Most Improved Ebike Brand", Himiway would certainly be a strong contender. They've come a long ways since their original Cruiser model, which was pretty rough around the edges and suffered from poor quality control. I saw Himiway's 2024 lineup at CES and was thoroughly impressed! Their e-bikes are using more premium components and have some truly eye-catching designs.

Note about Himiway (and all direct-to-consumer companies)

I'll be blunt: When you buy an e-bike from a DTC (Direct to Consumer) company, you should expect to be more-or-less on your own for post-purchase support. Even when companies try to do the right thing it's just a lot of hassle, with them shipping you replacement parts to either install yourself or take to a third-party shop. Himiway's reputation for support is also not the best; Go anywhere Himiway products are discussed in an open forum, and you'll find no shortage of complaints about the brand's support. To their credit it does seem they're working hard to change this, having opened their first official US service center in January 2024.

Himiway has really improved their component quality and quality control, so it's a lot easier for me to recommend them in 2024 (especially if you're a tinkerer or have a local shop willing to help out as needed).

Let's talk about the design of the C5... who the heck is this massive minibike for?!

Here's what Himiway's marketing says about the C5:

It combines the convenience of urban commuter bikes with the functionality of off-road electric motorcycles, adapting to a variety of scenarios such as daily commuting and outdoor off-roading.

That certainly sounds nice, but unfortunately it's easier said than done. In trying to blend the worlds of commuting e-bikes and off-road motorcycles, Himiway has created a product that's not great at either one. It's not ideal as a commuter for many reasons, such as:

  • No way to carry cargo, and the unique frame isn't compatible with most third-party racks or baskets

  • No fenders, so prepare to get real dirty when riding in bad weather

  • Very heavy and bulky, which makes it difficult to fit at standard bike racks (and forget about bringing it in to work with you)

  • Class 3 speeds are difficult to hit due to the pedaling drivetrain (more on that below) which means relying on the throttle, which will seriously cut into your range

It does have a coffee mug holder, and even comes with a pretty nice sealing mug... so if you've ever wished you could ride with coffee on hand, the C5 has you covered. Other than that, it isn't going to win any awards as a commuter. What about the "off-road motorcycling" bit? It certainly looks the part; this monster has serious motocross vibes! The suspension is seriously high-quality too, with a KKE R150S suspension fork with 140mm of travel, plus an EXA A5 air shock in the rear, with about 50mm of travel. It feels awesome and provides a smooth ride pretty much anywhere. The tires have a good dual-sport tread that's grippy on any surface, plus some additional puncture protection! Unfortunately, there are some things that hold the C5 back when tearing around on trails:

  • The 750-watt motor is somewhat held back by the controller, which is 22-amp and doesn't feel like a sine wave configuration (translation: throttle feels okay but kind of "meh", and it struggles quite a bit climbing hills)

  • There's a significant delay when activating the electric assist. This delay seems to vary randomly depending on speed and how recently you touched a brake lever, anywhere from 0.5 to 2 seconds. Interestingly, this affects both the throttle and pedal assist

  • The power of the bike and presence of a throttle, not to mention size and weight, means you can't ride on most e-MTB trails. You can of course ride on dirt bike trails, jeep roads, and such

One good use case for the C5 is if you live within cycling distance of single-track dirtbike trails or Jeep roads; you could ride there and then tear around for awhile, then ride back (hopefully with battery remaining). I still think it just needs a bit more "oomph" to really feel good riding in these scenarios, though; a beefier controller, plus better tuning to remove the power delay, would go a long ways. Riding the C5 on trails just makes me wish I was on either a more agile and zippy e-MTB, or on an actual dirtbike with more power.

The C5 has a torque sensor... which for once, I don't love

If you've seen my other reviews you know I'm a big fan of torque sensors for e-bikes. They're more engaging and responsive, promote more fitness, and so on... but if the bike isn't comfortable to pedal, all that goes out the window. The C5 is a minibike, which means a cramped frame with the pedals very close to the seat. Himiway says this bike fits anyone 5'4" to 6'3", but as someone right at the top of that range I disagree. Pedaling the C5 starts to hurt my knees after just a few minutes, and that's mostly because of the torque sensor, which requires me to put a lot of pressure on the pedals to get worthwhile power out of the motor. It's incredibly difficult to actually pedal the C5 up to the 28mph (45kph) top speed without heavy throttle use, and the throttle has trouble getting past 25mph in most riding conditions.

The C5 also has an upgraded pedaling drivetrain, with a Shimano Altus derailleur and nice Altus trigger shifters. These are great components, but again, why on a minibike? These bikes are not comfortable to pedal and the throttle is the main attraction. That's why most minibikes have basic pedaling components and are often single speed. Minibikes with a cadence sensor provide the perfect compromise, because these sensors only require you to cycle the pedals around with light pressure, so you still get some exercise but don't hurt your knees by trying to press hard.

Of course, if you're a shorter person this is less of an issue, but I think you'd need to be 5'8" or shorter for the pedaling experience to be reasonably comfortable.

More premium components: Lights, brakes, batteries

The lighting array on the C5 is pretty solid. Really my only gripe is that the headlight spread is pretty narrow, which is surprising for how big the hardware is. Still, it's decently bright, as is the taillight which has brighter brake activation for safety. Side visibility is also top notch: side cutouts on the headlight, reflective stripes on the tires, lights on the battery, and of course the bright white frame itself. The battery lights are a really nice (and unique) touch; rainbow LED arrows that have different flashing patterns and look pretty awesome. It's a premium quality battery too, with 960 watt-hours of capacity and LG cells (some of the best). The only downside of this battery is the mounting position; it's mounted on the underside of the frame, and quite difficult to re-mount into place because it's heavy and you can't easily see the mount plate to line it up. I actually thought my bike was broken because it wouldn't turn on even with the battery locked in place, but apparently I had it just a little too far forward.

The brakes are also excellent quality Tektro HD-E3520s, hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors and dual-piston calipers. These feel great and were perfectly adjusted right out of the box! They of course have motor inhibitors, meaning they immediately cut power to the motor, an important safety feature on any e-bike.




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Reasons to Buy the C5

  • Eye-catching motocross-inspired design

  • Premium components across the board

  • Full suspension setup is awesome and feels great on any terrain

  • Bright integrated lighting, with bonus running lights built into the battery

  • Comfortable upright seating position on the long banana-style seat

  • High-capacity 960 watt-hour battery, using premium LG cells, with UL safety certification

  • Cupholder with a quality full-seal coffee mug

Reasons Not to Buy the C5

  • Very heavy and bulky at 88 lbs (40 kg), with bump stops that limit turning radius (feels closer to a motorcycle than a bicycle, will require heavy-duty rack for transporting behind your car, etc)

  • Throttle has a noticeable delay after activation, this delay seems to vary randomly but is worst in the 15-20mph range

  • Torque sensor makes the pedaling experience frustrating, because you have to push hard to get full power and speed, which is hard on your knees due to the cramped pedaling position (less of an issue for shorter riders)

  • Motor power and presence of a throttle limits where you can ride it (most e-MTB trails don't allow throttles)

  • Unique frame looks very cool, but limits utility. It will be hard to find racks, fenders, and other accessories to fit

Bottom Line

The C5 has strong motocross vibes and uses premium components from stem to stern. It excels in off-road environments thanks to a beefy full-suspension setup, though it's somewhat held back by the power configuration and sub-par pedaling experience. It's best suited for riders seeking a motorcycle-ish experience who either can't (or don't want to) own a full-sized motorcycle.

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Review by Tyson Roehrkasse
Photo of the author, Tyson Roehrkasse

Tyson Roehrkasse is a technical specialist who has worn just about every hat there is in the IT and software development fields. He began working with PEVs in 2018 as a developer for Electric Bike Review, and immediately became obsessed with learning about e-bike technology. He soon began creating his own reviews on the EBR platform and to date is the second largest contributor of review content there. After a five-year tenure with EBR Tyson moved on to work with other companies in the industry, building websites for other reviewing companies and e-commerce platforms for EV manufacturers. He also continued working as a freelance reviewer, eventually partnering with the Micromobility Industries to produce reviews and other content for their partner site, Ride Review.

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Frequently Asked Questions - C5

What is the frame material of the Himiway C5?

The frame of the Himiway C5 is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, offering a blend of strength and light weight.
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What type of brakes does the Himiway C5 feature?

The Himiway C5 comes with hydraulic disc brakes that provide reliable stopping power and improved control.

Does the Himiway C5 have any type of suspension system?

Yes, the Himiway C5 has full suspension. The front fork has 140mm of travel with adjustable compression and rebound, and the rear frame suspension is air with 50mm of travel.

What type of motor does the Himiway C5 use?

The Himiway C5 is equipped with a 750W brushless gear motor that provides powerful acceleration and performance.

What kind of gears does the Himiway C5 have?

This electric motorbike is equipped with Shimano 7-speed gear system for flexible speed control and efficient riding experience.

How far can the Himiway C5 eBike go on a single charge?

It depends on riding habits and conditions, but we estimate a range of 25-60 miles (40-97 km).

How much does the Himiway C5 eBike cost?

The Himiway C5 is priced at $2,299. Please note that the price might vary depending on the region or additional features.

What is the weight capacity for the Himiway C5?

The weight capacity specified by Himiway is 330 lbs (150 kg).

What are the wheel specifications of the Himiway C5?

The Himiway C5 has 20x4.0 fat tires made by Kenda, with KS puncture protection.

What is the Himiway C5?

The Himiway C5 is an electric motorbike crafted for bold riders. It features a motorcycle-inspired design, powerful performance, excellent suspension, and is suitable for off-road and all-terrain use.

What type of tires does the Himiway C5 have?

The Himiway C5 is fitted with Kenda 20*4.0 fat tires that offer enhanced stability and traction on a variety of terrains.

What is the top speed of the Himiway C5?

The top speed of the Himiway C5 is 20 mph, but it can be unlocked to reach approximately 28 mph (which is around 32.1868 kmph).

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