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At Ride Review, we've scoured the web to gather information on the Strada KinetiCore by Lazer and compile an overview based on reviews from various sources. This road cycling helmet offers extensive protection and comfort, making it suitable for cyclists of all levels. One of the standout features of the Strada KinetiCore is its high cooling efficiency rating, which sits at an impressive 98 percent according to Lazer. Additionally, this helmet is lighter than its counterparts, weighing in at just 20g less than the Blade+ MIPS. Reviewers have praised the Strada for its good airflow and new fitting system, making it both comfortable and stylish. The helmet also features integrated Rotational Impact Protection, which is a cutting-edge technology built directly into the helmet itself. This feature provides peace of mind for riders concerned about rotational impacts. In terms of safety, the Strada KinetiCore has received a 5-star rating, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing protection. It also ranks highly in safety ratings, further solidifying its reputation as a reliable helmet. Along with its safety features, the Strada KinetiCore is adjustable, lightweight, and adequately ventilated, ensuring a comfortable ride even during longer excursions. LED light compatibility adds an extra layer of visibility and safety while riding. It's worth noting that some reviewers have mentioned the high price point of certain helmets as a drawback. However, Lazer does offer the Strada KinetiCore road helmet as a more affordable alternative. Overall, the Lazer Strada KinetiCore is a high-quality road cycling helmet that combines protection, durability, comfort, and visibility. Its advanced features and innovative design make it a solid choice for cyclists seeking a reliable helmet for their rides.




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7 Reasons to Buy the STRADA KINETICORE

  • The Strada has a high cooling efficiency rating and is lighter than other helmets.
  • The Lazer Strada KinetiCore helmet offers rotational impact protection and comfort without unnecessary weight.
  • The helmets are adjustable, lightweight, and adequately ventilated.
  • The Strada ranks high in safety ratings and has a 5-star rating.
  • Strada uses ultra safe Kineticore technology
  • Comes in several color patterns
  • Built in reflector

2 Reasons Not to Buy the STRADA KINETICORE

  • The high price point of some helmets may be a drawback for some buyers.
  • Design may not suit everyone

Bottom Line

The Strada KinetiCore helmet offers exceptional cooling efficiency, lightweight design, and impressive safety features. With its adjustable fit, adequate ventilation, and rotational impact protection, it's a top choice for cyclists looking for comfort and protection. While some helmets may come with a higher price tag, the Strada's quality and performance make it worth the investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions - STRADA KINETICORE

Can the STRADA KINETICORE helmet's fit be adjusted?

Yes, the helmet is adjustable, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for the rider.
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What are the reasons to buy the STRADA KINETICORE helmet?

Reasons to buy include its high cooling efficiency, lightweight design, 5-star safety rating, adjustable ventilation, integrated rotational impact protection, availability in several color patterns, and built-in reflector.

What are some of the factors that might make someone not want to buy the STRADA KINETICORE?

Some buyers might find the high price point of certain helmets to be a drawback, and the design may not suit everyone's preferences.

Does the STRADA KINETICORE come with visibility features for riding?

Yes, the helmet is LED light compatible for added visibility and comes with a built-in reflector.

How does the STRADA KINETICORE provide protection against rotational impacts?

The helmet features integrated Rotational Impact Protection using KinetiCore technology built into the helmet itself.

What is the cooling efficiency rating of the STRADA KINETICORE helmet?

The helmet has a high cooling efficiency rating of 98 percent according to Lazer.

Is the STRADA KINETICORE designed for a specific type of cycling?

Yes, it's designed for road cycling and is particularly suitable for gravel ride use cases.

Does the STRADA KINETICORE feature any safety certifications?

The helmet has received a 5-star safety rating, indicating it meets high safety standards.

What is the weight of the STRADA KINETICORE helmet?

The exact weight is not listed; however, it is stated to be lighter than the Blade+ MIPS by 20g.

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