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The Magnum Nomad is an eBike that offers a reliable and comfortable riding experience for new riders or those looking for a more upright and approachable design. With its sturdy mid-step frame and adjustable features, this bike is a great option for riders of different heights and preferences. One standout feature of the Magnum Nomad is its variety of color options, with four colors to choose from: white, slate gray, ocean blue, and forest green. This allows riders to personalize their bike and choose a color that suits their style. In terms of adjustability, the Nomad offers options such as seat height, handlebar height, and stem angle adjustment. This ensures that riders can find their preferred riding position and achieve optimal comfort during their rides. Safety is also a key consideration with the Magnum Nomad. The integrated brake lights are a standout feature, lighting up whenever the brakes are pressed, increasing visibility and awareness on the road. This is an excellent addition for riders who prioritize safety. Power and range are also impressive on this eBike. The 48-volt battery provides ample power and allows riders to enjoy longer rides without worrying about running out of battery. Additionally, riders can choose between pedal assist and throttle modes, giving them control over how much effort they want to exert during their rides. Stability is a crucial factor for any bike, and the Magnum Nomad delivers with its wide and fat tires. These tires provide a stable and confident ride, perfect for riders who value a smooth and controlled experience. The plastic fenders not only offer excellent protection from splashes and debris but also resist rust, ensuring durability and longevity. A handlebar display provides riders with essential information about their eBike and current ride. This allows riders to keep track of their speed, battery life, and other important metrics easily. Additionally, the battery pack includes a convenient USB port for charging electronic devices while on the go. However, there are a few downsides to consider. The tires used on the Magnum Nomad are not puncture-resistant, which may be a concern for riders who frequently encounter rough or unpredictable terrain. Additionally, the bike is quite heavy at around 74 pounds, making it difficult to lift or transport. Furthermore, the chain on the bike is not protected, which can lead to noise or potential damage to the bike's paint. This is a small drawback that may be worth considering for riders who prioritize a quieter and more pristine riding experience. Overall, the Magnum Nomad is a solid eBike option for riders looking for a reliable and comfortable ride. With its sturdy frame, adjustable features, and safety enhancements, it offers an enjoyable and confidence-inspiring experience. Whether you're a new rider or someone seeking a more approachable design, the Magnum Nomad is worth considering for your next eBike purchase.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Nomad eBike

  • It comes in four colors: white, slate gray, ocean blue, and forest green.
  • The bike is somewhat adjustable – you can set the seat height, handlebar height, stem angle, etc.
  • It has integrated brake lights that light up whenever you press the brakes.
  • The bike has a 48 volt battery, giving it great range and power.
  • You can choose between pedal assist and throttle.
  • The wide and fat tires give the entire bike a very stable feel.
  • The plastic fenders offer excellent protection, while they are also rust-resistant.
  • A display on the handlebars shows you all the essential information regarding your ebike and current ride.
  • The battery pack comes with a USB port you can use to charge an electronic device.
  • Depending on your needs, you can convert this bike from a class 1 into a class 2 or class 3.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Nomad eBike

  • The tires used on the bike are not puncture-resistant.
  • At around 74 pounds, the bike is quite heavy, so it is difficult to lift or transport it.
  • The chain is not protected, so it can cause noise or damage to the bike’s paint.

Bottom Line

Magnum has a ton of great electric bikes, but the Magnum Nomad is something special. Stick with us if you want to learn more about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Magnum Nomad

What type of brakes does the Magnum Nomad eBike use?

The Magnum Nomad is equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
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What is the maximum speed that the Magnum Nomad eBike can reach?

The Magnum Nomad eBike can reach a top speed of up to 45 km/h (28 mph).

What frame material is used for the Magnum Nomad eBike?

The Magnum Nomad eBike is built with an Aluminum frame.

Are the tires on the Magnum Nomad puncture-resistant?

No, the tires used on the Magnum Nomad are not puncture-resistant.

Is the battery pack on the Magnum Nomad eBike equipped with any special features?

Yes, the battery pack includes a convenient USB port for charging electronic devices while on the go.

What is the maximum range that the Magnum Nomad can cover on a single charge?

The Magnum Nomad can cover a maximum range of approximately 89 kilometers (55 miles) on a single charge.

Can the seat height and handlebars be adjusted on the Magnum Nomad?

Yes, the bike allows for adjustments in seat height, handlebar height, and stem angle to suit different rider preferences.

What kind of surfaces is the Magnum Nomad eBike suitable for?

With its wide and fat tires, the Magnum Nomad is suitable for almost any terrain, making it versatile for both commuter and off-road use.

Does the Magnum Nomad come with any lighting for visibility?

Yes, the Magnum Nomad comes with an integrated headlight, taillight, and the brake lights light up whenever the brakes are pressed for increased visibility.

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