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Scott Sports

Scott Contessa Active eRIDE 910

Updated: November, 2023


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The Scott Contessa Active eRIDE 910 is an excellent choice for those seeking an electric mountain bike that offers both comfort and off-road capability. With its proven electric assist technology and comfortable design, this bike caters to ambitious mountain bikers who want to explore more challenging terrains. One standout feature of the Contessa Active eRIDE 910 is its build quality, which has received high praise from reviewers. The solid construction ensures durability, making it a reliable choice for long rides and rough trails. Additionally, the bike comes equipped with a reliable motor that provides excellent performance. Riders will appreciate the seamless assistance it offers, enhancing their overall riding experience. The Contessa Active eRIDE 910's impressive mud tire clearance is another advantage, allowing riders to tackle muddy trails with ease. This feature ensures that wet and slippery conditions won't hinder your adventures. Furthermore, the bike's good suspension contributes to a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and providing a more enjoyable off-road experience. Reviewers have noted that the Contessa Active eRIDE 910's ride is intuitive, making it easy for riders to get accustomed to the bike's handling. Additionally, the dampers are simple to set up, allowing riders to customize their suspension preferences to suit their riding style. One area where the Contessa Active eRIDE 910 shines is its motor performance. The Bosch technology featured in this bike provides impressive autonomy and connectivity. Riders can expect a seamless and powerful electric assist system, enhancing their overall riding experience. In terms of aesthetics, the Contessa Active eRIDE 910 boasts stylish good looks. Its sleek design adds to its appeal, making it an eBike that stands out on the trails. Additionally, the Scott brand's value adds a level of trust and reputation to this bike. However, there are a few drawbacks that potential buyers should consider. Some reviewers have noted that the tire traction can be limited, particularly in certain terrain conditions. Additionally, the ride can occasionally feel harsh and undamped, possibly affecting overall ride comfort. Lastly, the cockpit design may feel crowded for some riders. Overall, the Scott Contessa Active eRIDE 910 is a well-specced eBike that delivers when it comes to build quality, reliable motor performance, and off-road capabilities. Its intuitive ride and customizable dampers contribute to a comfortable experience on the trails. While there are some minor drawbacks, this eBike remains an excellent option for ambitious mountain bikers looking for a reliable and stylish ride.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Scott Contessa Active eRIDE 910

  • Excellent build quality
  • Reliable motor
  • Great mud tire clearance
  • Good suspension
  • Intuitive ride
  • Dampers are easy to set up
  • Mostly well specced
  • Awesome motor performance
  • Stylish good looks
  • Brand value

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Scott Contessa Active eRIDE 910

  • Limited tire traction
  • Occasionally harsh and undamped ride
  • Crowded cockpit design

Bottom Line

The Scott Contessa Active eRIDE 910 is a fun and intuitive ebike for both men and women. Though it is relatively well specced throughout, the ride quality can be more controlled and calmer.  Despite its subtle flaws, the bike is a well-rounded off-road performer that lives up to its brand name and reputation. If you are looking for a fun ride with great specs and robust build quality, the Contessa Active eRIDE 910 can certainly fit the bill.


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