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Updated: September, 2023


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The 2022 Giant Reign E+ has recently hit the market, and it's generating quite the buzz among e-bike enthusiasts. As a reviewer at Ride Review, I have taken the time to comb through various reviews to provide you with an overview of this highly anticipated e-bike. Let's start with the positives. One key standout feature is the range extender battery option. This addition helps compensate for the somewhat lackluster battery life, ensuring that you can go the distance without worrying about running out of juice. Additionally, the hydraulic disc braking system provides precise stopping power on uneven terrains, giving you peace of mind during your rides. The stability of the Giant Reign E+ is commendable. Whether you're relying solely on human power or utilizing the maximum electric assistance levels, this e-bike maintains stability, giving you confidence and control on the road. The comfortable and precise downhill performance is another highlight mentioned by reviewers. Giant has also made noticeable improvements in the design of the Reign E+. The shorter chainstays compared to previous models contribute to enhanced maneuverability, making it easier to navigate tight turns and challenging terrain. The 29-inch Giant wheels provide greater stability, further enhancing the overall riding experience. When it comes to customization, the Reign E+ offers adjustable seat tube angles and head tube angles with progressive geometry settings. This allows riders to fine-tune their ride to suit their preferences and riding style. Additionally, the SyncDrive Pro Motor, one of the best options on the market, delivers reliable and smooth power assistance. The inclusion of the Giant E-Bike App is also worth mentioning. This app makes it effortless to configure assistance modes and assist levels, adding convenience and flexibility to your e-bike experience. Furthermore, the fact that the Reign E+ is made by Giant, one of the best e-bike manufacturers worldwide, gives confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of the product. Now, let's address some of the drawbacks. One common criticism of the Reign E+ is its weight. Like other Giant e-bikes, it tends to be on the heavier side. While this shouldn't pose a significant issue for many riders, it's worth considering if portability is a top priority for you. Another downside is the subpar battery levels when using a single battery setup, regardless of the power mode selected. This limitation may affect the overall range and longevity of your rides, especially if you venture into more demanding terrains or require longer distances. Lastly, the Reign E+ is not the most affordable option on the market. While it offers impressive features and performance, the price point may not be accessible to all riders. In summary, the 2022 Giant Reign E+ is a highly capable and well-designed e-bike that addresses several previous criticisms of its predecessor. With its range extender battery option, stable performance, customizable geometry, and reliable power assistance, it has the potential to be one of the best value bikes available. However, the weight and battery life limitations, coupled with its higher price point, are aspects to consider before making a purchase.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Reign E+

  • The range extender battery option helps compensate for poor battery life.
  • Hydraulic disc braking system for precision stopping on uneven terrain.
  • Stable under human power or with maximum electric assistance levels.
  • The comfortable and precise downhill performance.
  • Shorter chainstays than earlier models.
  • 29-inch Giant wheels provide far greater stability than previous models.
  • Adjustable seat tube angle and head tube angles with progressive geometry settings.
  • SyncDrive Pro Motor is one of the best options on the market.
  • Offers the Giant E-Bike App for easy configuration of assistance modes and assist levels.
  • Made from one of the best e-bike manufacturers worldwide.

3 Reasons not to Buy the Reign E+

  • Like every other Giant e-bike, it's very heavy.
  • With a single battery setup, the battery levels are subpar regardless of the power mode selected.
  • Not the most affordable option.

Bottom Line

Giant ebikes continue to deliver high quality and even higher performance. Clearly listening to feedback from their devoted riders, the newest 2022 models of the Reign E+ have addressed some of the criticisms of the earlier models that launched in 2022. While still not exactly a cheap or entry-level option, the Reign E+ is worth the extra cost for the quality of the build and the excitement of the ride.


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