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Picture this: It's a sunny Sunday morning, and I'm ready to hit the open road on my electric motorcycle. The thrill of the wind in my face and the freedom of the open road is an experience like no other. But what sets my ride apart from the rest? It's the Zero DSR, the electric motorcycle that has taken the industry by storm. One of the standout features of the Zero DSR is its versatility. With three ride modes to choose from - sport, eco, and custom - I can tailor my riding experience to my preferences. Whether I want to unleash the full power of the bike or conserve energy for a longer ride, the DSR has me covered. And with the ability to connect the bike to my mobile device through an app, I have access to real-time information about my ride, including battery status and range estimation. But it's not just the technology that impresses me. The DSR boasts a quality suspension system that makes every ride comfortable, regardless of the road conditions. No more jolts and bumps - just smooth sailing. And with a noiseless and vibration-free ride, I can truly enjoy the peace and quiet of the open road. Speaking of the open road, the extended range of the DSR makes it perfect for cross-country trips. No more worrying about running out of battery in the middle of nowhere. I can confidently embark on long journeys, knowing that the DSR has the staying power to keep up with me. Of course, no review would be complete without discussing the downsides. The DSR is a hefty bike, which can make it a bit challenging to maneuver, especially for those with less upper body strength. Additionally, its power and speed may be a bit overwhelming for beginner riders. And while the charging time is longer than some other models, the extended range more than makes up for it in my opinion. Overall, the Zero DSR is a game-changer in the electric motorcycle industry. Its performance, comfort, and range are unmatched, making it the go-to choice for riders who want a thrilling and sustainable ride. So, if you're ready to take your two-wheeled adventures to the next level, the Zero DSR is the bike for you.



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5 Reasons to Buy the Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle

  • Three ride modes are available: sport, eco, and custom mode.
  • The motorcycle can be connected to a mobile device through an app.
  • The quality suspension makes the bike comfortable on any road.
  • Riding this bike is noiseless and vibration-free.
  • The extended range makes this bike suitable for cross-country trips.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle

  • The bike is quite heavy and difficult to push around.
  • It may be too fast and powerful for beginner riders.
  • The standard charging time is quite long.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a quality adventure bike with an extended range and high speeds, the Zero DSR could be an excellent option. You can ride along any trail for hours thanks to the long-lasting battery range, whereas you can also ride with ease of mind knowing you do not contribute to pollution with your vehicle. It is the best of both worlds!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Zero DSR

What is the maximum range of the Zero DSR on a single charge?

The Zero DSR has a maximum range of approximately 262 kilometers per charge.
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What year was the Zero DSR released?

The Zero DSR was released in 2017.

How much does the Zero DSR cost?

The Zero DSR is priced at $17,995 USD.

What makes the Zero DSR a good choice for adventure trips?

The Zero DSR is equipped with AT tires suitable for all-terrain, a durable battery with an extended range for long trips, a quality suspension system for comfort, and three ride modes (sport, eco, custom) for riding preference adaptability.

Is the ride comfortable on uneven road conditions?

Yes, the Zero DSR features a quality suspension system designed to deliver a comfortable ride across various road conditions, minimizing jolts and bumps.

What type of brakes does the Zero DSR have?

The Zero DSR is equipped with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

What is the weight and weight capacity of the Zero DSR?

The Zero DSR weighs 190.055 kilograms and has a weight capacity of 161 kilograms.

Can I connect the Zero DSR to my smartphone?

Yes, the motorcycle can be connected to a mobile device through an app which provides access to real-time information about the ride such as battery status and range estimation.

What are some of the reasons I might not want to buy a Zero DSR?

You might reconsider buying the Zero DSR if you find it too heavy and difficult to maneuver, if you are a beginner rider who might find its power and speed overwhelming, or if the standard charging time is longer than you'd prefer.

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