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Updated: September, 2023


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If you're a fan of electric motorcycles, you're probably familiar with Zero Motorcycles. They've been making waves in the industry for years, and their latest model, the ZERO S, is no exception. As a reviewer for Ride Review, I've spent hours pouring through various reviews and summaries to bring you this comprehensive overview of the ZERO S. Let's start with the positives. Reviewers rave about the power and acceleration of the Zero SR/S electric motorcycle. They describe it as thrilling to ride, delivering stunning acceleration at any RPM. Plus, the updated 2021 model offers selectable drive modes, allowing riders to personalize their experience. With a top speed of 98 MPH, you'll have no trouble cruising down the highway. Comfort is another standout feature of the Zero SR/S. Multiple reviews mention that even during long rides, the bike provides excellent comfort. This is essential when you're spending hours in the saddle, and it's clear that Zero Motorcycles has prioritized rider comfort. In terms of range, the Zero SR/S doesn't disappoint. With a battery that allows for up to 89 miles in the city and 45 miles on the highway, you'll have plenty of riding before needing to recharge. This level of convenience is crucial, especially for riders who rely on their motorcycle for daily commuting or long touring trips. The Zero SR/S also earns praise for its solid build and good suspension damping. It's described as stable and comfortable, even on rough roads. This is a testament to the craftsmanship and engineering that goes into Zero Motorcycles' products. Now, it's important to address some of the CONS associated with the Zero SR/S. First and foremost, many reviewers highlight the high price tag of this electric motorcycle. It's undeniably a premium product, which may make it less affordable for some potential buyers. However, for those willing to invest, the Zero SR/S delivers an exceptional riding experience. Weight is another concern that some reviewers mention. The Zero SR/S is described as heavy, which can impact maneuverability. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you're accustomed to lighter motorcycles. Additionally, while the range of the Zero SR/S is impressive, there are concerns about range limitations. Some users express reservations about taking this bike on longer rides, where access to charging stations may be limited. It's important to consider your specific riding needs and determine if the range aligns with your expectations. Finally, the high upfront costs associated with Zero electric motorcycles are worth noting. This may deter some potential buyers who are looking for more affordable options. However, it's essential to recognize that high-performance electric motorcycles are still a nascent market, and the current pricing reflects that "pay-to-play" reality. In conclusion, the Zero SR/S electric motorcycle offers a thrilling riding experience with its power and acceleration. It's also designed with rider comfort in mind, making long rides a breeze. The range is impressive, although there are concerns about range limitations for those seeking longer rides. The high price tag and weight of the bike are drawbacks, but if you're willing to invest, you'll be rewarded with a solid and well-built machine. At Ride Review, we understand that choosing a vehicle is a personal decision, and we hope that this overview has provided you with valuable insights into the ZERO S. Whether you're a city rider, a cruiser enthusiast, or someone looking for a green alternative, the ZERO S has something to offer.


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5 Reasons to Buy the ZERO S

  • Power: The Zero SR/S electric motorcycle is praised for its power and acceleration, offering a thrilling riding experience.
  • Comfort: Reviews mention that the Zero SR/S provides excellent comfort, even during long rides.
  • Range: The bike's battery allows for extensive rides before needing a charge, providing convenience for riders.
  • Solid build: The Zero SR/S is described as having a solid build and good suspension damping, ensuring a stable and comfortable ride.
  • Customizable drive modes: The updated 2021 Zero S Electric Motorcycle offers selectable drive modes, allowing riders to personalize their riding experience.

5 Reasons Not to Buy the ZERO S

  • High price: The Zero SR/S is noted to have a high price tag, making it less affordable for some potential buyers.
  • Weight: Some reviews mention that the Zero SR/S is heavy, impacting maneuverability.
  • Limited range: The 2020 Zero S and other models are criticized for their limited range and long recharge times.
  • Range limitations: Some users express concerns about range limitations, which could be a drawback for riders seeking longer rides.
  • High upfront costs: Certain reviews highlight the high upfront costs associated with Zero electric motorcycles, potentially deterring some buyers.

Bottom Line

The Zero SR/S is a powerful and exhilarating electric motorcycle that offers excellent comfort and a long-lasting battery, making it a convenient option for riders. Its solid build and customizable drive modes deliver a stable and personalized riding experience. Although it may come with a higher price tag and weight, the Zero SR/S is a fantastic choice for those in search of a thrilling and reliable electric motorcycle.


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