Last Updated October 16, 2023


Alberta Electric Bike Rebate and Tax Credit

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Rebate Summary

Step 1: Apply Step 2: scrap your car Step 3: get rebate. - the program offers up to $500 for Electric Bikes with a mission of replacing all of your car needs

Incentive Type
Post-purchase rebate with vehicle trade-in
Date Proposed
Purchase Requirements

Other electric bike rebates and tax credits avaiable in Alberta

Last Updated
October 7, 2023
750 CAD
Post-purchase rebate
Banff Residential E-Bike Rebate
The Town of Banff provides financial rebates to residents to help save energy and support environmentally-friendly transportation methods. Rebates are available for e-bikes, studded bike tires, urban crampons, and a variety of other products. The maximum rebate for Banff residents is 50% of the purchase price, or $500, whichever is less. Banff Access Tier 1 and Tier 2 residents are eligible for up to 50% of the purchase price, or $750 and $1000, respectively.
Last Updated
October 7, 2023
750 CAD
Post-purchase rebate
Edmonton’s Electric Vehicle Charger and E-Bike Rebate Program
- Electric Bikes (Power Bicycles or E-Bikes): Lower of $750 or 30% of the purchase price (before tax) with a cap of one per residence. Eligibility Criteria: - Must be a resident of the City of Edmonton - Must be purchased & NOT leased - Must be approved for sale and use in Canada (ULC, cETL, or CSA certification) Application Deadline: - E-Bikes: 60 days of E-Bike purchase

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