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Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid

Updated: September, 2023


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Here at Ride Review, we've had the pleasure of diving into the world of eBikes and testing out various models to find the perfect ride for our readers. One standout in our recent lineup is the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid. This sleek and comfortable electric bike impressed us with its performance and range of features. One of the standout features of the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid is its well-positioned kickstand. Located near the back of the bike frame, it eliminates the dreaded pedal lock and can be easily adjusted. Additionally, this bike offers the flexibility to upgrade the battery pack from the standard 400 to the more powerful 500, depending on your specific needs. The Bosch PowerPack, a component of the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid, is not only convenient to charge but also offers the advantage of shift detection. This feature helps reduce drivetrain wear and damage, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. The spokes and reinforced eyelets on the rims make this bike durable, capable of handling longer rides without taking any damage. Comfort is key when it comes to eBikes, and the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid does not disappoint. With a sprung saddle and an angled stem paired with swept-back handlebars, riders can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed riding position, even on bumpy roads. The built-in rear rack with a mounted platform makes it easy to strap on luggage or cargo, adding to the bike's practicality. Safety is also a priority with the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid. It features fenders, two LEDs in the rear, and a highly visible headlight, allowing riders to go for night rides with peace of mind. The half-grip twist shifter with a gear indicator window provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience, giving riders better control over their gear selection. While the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid has many advantages, there are a few areas where it could be improved. For instance, the Bosch Purion display, while simple and suitable for casual riding, lacks in-depth readings, leaving some riders wanting more information. Additionally, the maximum pedal cadence from the Active Line motor is slightly lower than comparable motors, which means riders need to actively switch gears to reach the listed top speed. In terms of design, the suspension fork on the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid is on the heavier side and may be a bit encumbering. Some reviewers also noted that the placement of the headlight on the fork arch could have been higher up on the handlebar for better visibility. Lastly, the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid comes with a 2 AMP charger, which may be slower compared to other models that offer a 4 AMP charger. Some riders also found the charge port cover to be a bit finicky and questioned its durability. Overall, the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid is a great option for those looking for a comfortable and easy-to-ride city bike. The motor performance is excellent, and the high-quality components make it a solid investment. With four different frame sizes available, this bike offers options for riders of all heights. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as the display and charger, they do not detract significantly from the overall experience of cruising on the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid.



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10 Reasons to Purchase the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid

  • The kickstand is positioned well on the frame of the bike, near the back, which means you won’t face pedal lock. The stand itself can also be adjusted.
  • You can always upgrade the battery pack from the 400 to the 500, depending on if you’re purchasing the lower tier model (400.)
  • The Bosch PowerPack can also be charged on or completely off the bike as well.
  • The Bosch motor means the e-bike offers shift detection, which, as always, will help to reduce drivetrain wear/damage.
  • The spokes + rims use reinforced eyelets so they can handle being ridden for longer periods of time without taking damage.
  • The bike features hydraulic brakes like the other Cube electric bikes. In this case, they are rim brakes instead of disc.
  • Riding on the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid is comfortable. The sprung saddle helps cushion bumpy roads, while angled stem and swept back handlebar mean you don’t have to tilt forward super far.
  • It’s very easy to strap on luggage or cargo via the mounted platform on the rear rack.
  • Riders can go for night rides with fenders + 2 LEDs in the rear, and a very visible headlight.
  • It has a more intuitive system compared to traditional trigger shifters: the half-grip twist shifter will have a little window to inform you of what gear you’re in.

4 Reasons to Not Purchase the Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid

  • Bosch Purion display is not descriptive or in-depth in terms of the readings it offers riders.
  • Maximum pedal cadence from the Active Line motor is ~100 RPM vs. a comparable ~120 RPM with the Performance Line motors. This means you will have to actively switch gears to reach the 20 mph listed, as opposed to just pedaling faster.
  • The suspension fork is heavier, and gives more encumbrance than air suspension. The headlight should have also been placed higher up at the handlebar, as opposed to the fork arch.
  • A 2 AMP charger comes with the bike, in comparison to the much faster 4 AMP charger. The charge port cover is also a tad finicky with durability.

Bottom Line

Not a lot to complain about with this bike – despite the weaker battery pack, smaller Purion display, and Active Line Cruise motor, it is still fully functional and smooth as a laid-back city bike.  Every feature of the bike looks beautiful and well put-together, and functions well. Ultimately, this Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid does what it advertises and with a certain degree of smoothness.


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