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Cube - Reaction Hybrid Performance

Updated: September, 2023


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If you're in the market for an eBike that is versatile enough to handle both off-road trails and city streets, the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance may be the perfect fit. With its impressive performance, sleek design, and a range of features, this bike offers great value for the money. One notable feature of the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance is its Performance Line Cruise motor, which may not be as powerful as the CX motor but makes up for it with quieter operation and improved efficiency on the road. This not only allows for a smoother and more enjoyable ride, but also ensures that you can go farther on a single charge. The bike also comes with custom-designed fenders that provide excellent protection even on rugged terrains, all while being lightweight and durable. The low and centered weight distribution across the entire bike enhances stability and control, making it a pleasure to ride in any situation. In terms of stopping power, the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance delivers with its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes are not only easy to use, but they also provide increased stopping advantage for the larger 29-inch wheels. Plus, the adjustable reach ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your hands. One standout aspect of this bike is the inclusion of a kickstand, which is fairly uncommon in this style of bike. The kickstand helps transform the bike into an urban or light trail companion, especially when paired with the fenders and lights. Cube accessories like the rear rack can be easily attached to the rear fender, allowing for convenient storage without compromising on functionality. The battery pack of the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance is well-hidden and enclosed properly in the downtube, adding to the bike's sleek design. Additionally, the battery pack can be charged both on and off the bike, offering flexibility and convenience. While there are many pros to the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance, it's important to note a few cons as well. The suspension fork is a basic design with limited adjustability, which may not satisfy riders looking for more customization options. The Bosch "Purion" display included with the bike lacks some of the features found in larger and more useful displays like the Intuvia and Nyon. Additionally, the headlight mounted to the suspension arch may limit visibility for cars. Overall, the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance is a great all-round trail bike with the added bonus of commuting potential. With its reliable Bosch motor, excellent range, and thoughtful design features, it's a bike that will impress both casual riders and eBike enthusiasts. Plus, with Cube's comprehensive two-year warranty and five-year warranty on the frame, you can rest assured that your investment is protected.


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10 Reasons to Purchase the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance

  • The Performance Line Cruise motor isn’t as powerful as the CX, but trades that in exchange for a quieter motor and improved efficiency on the road.
  • The fenders used on this model are custom designed to fit firmly and perform quietly. Even in off-road performances or mountain terrain, they protect well, while being lighter and more durable.
  • The bike features excellent weight distribution across the entire bike: low and centered.
  • Great rims help reduce risks of damage/cracking.
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are easy to use with just one finger, with adjustable reach and increased advantage for stopping the larger 29” wheels.
  • It’s fairly uncommon to see this style of bike with a kickstand, but it helps pivot the bike into an urban/light trail style bike with the addition of fenders and lights.
  • The battery pack is well hidden and enclosed properly in the downtube. The battery pack can always be charged on/off the bike.
  • Cube accessories like the rear rack can be attached to the rear fender easily, while still allowing for the saddle to go all the way down without colliding.
  • Clutter of wires and battery pack are entirely hidden; the bike has a super sleek design and a purpose-built frame.
  • There is a comprehensive two year warranty via Cube, with a five year warranty on the frame.

5 Reasons to Not Purchase the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance

  • Suspension fork is an exceedingly basic design coil with very limited ability to adjust.
  • Left-chain mounted Bosch speed reader + spoke magnet, which means it can get hit out of position more easily.
  • Bike comes with the most basic Bosch “Purion” display, which lacks many features of the larger and more useful Bosch displays. Intuivia and Nyon offer many more read-outs, features, and utility.
  • Headlight mounted to the suspension arch means less visibility for cars.
  • Alivio trigger shifter requires that you use your pointer finger to pull on the lever in comparison to using your thumb to push down on it.

Bottom Line

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance is among the best values if you’re looking for a high-quality, mid-drive, multi-purpose electric bike on the market without breaking the bank.  While other electric bikes within the same price range may offer e-MTB functionality, the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance boasts the Bosch Performance Line Cruise – one of the better motors for electric bikes.  Despite being slightly less of a force than the Performance Line CX, this model is much more quiet and efficient. It maintains proper shift detection and is responsive to pedal input.  As the chainring can also cycle backwards, you’ll have a much easier time with maintenance. Given its high-specs affordability, we couldn’t recommend the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance more – just try to opt for the “500” model with the upgraded battery pack.


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