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Cube - The Nuride Hybrid Performance 625

Updated: November, 2023


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If you're a rider who loves the versatility of mixed terrain but doesn't want to break the bank, the Cube Nuride Hybrid Performance 625 might just be your perfect match. While it may not have all the high-end features of its pricier counterparts, this e-bike delivers a solid performance and a comfortable riding experience. One of the standout features of the Nuride Hybrid Performance 625 is its Schwalbe Lancruiser 700x55c tires. These puncture-resistant tires provide excellent traction and support rides across various surfaces, including packed dirt, gravel, and off-road trails. This means you can take this bike almost anywhere with confidence. When it comes to braking, the Shimano hydraulic brakes BR-MT200 on the Nuride Hybrid Performance 625 do not disappoint. These brakes have a reliable history and offer strong and consistent stopping power, ensuring your safety on the road or trail. A key draw for those looking for a touring or endurance e-bike is the 625Wh battery (Bosch PowerTube) on the Nuride Hybrid Performance 625. With this battery, you can expect long-lasting power that can take you up to approximately 100 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for longer rides or commutes. The e-MTB mode, which can be selected via the display, is another appealing feature of this bike. This mode dynamically adjusts support, providing an extra boost of power and performance when needed. Plus, the extended boost on uphill trajectories or steep pathways gives riders the strength they need for more challenging rides or when carrying extra cargo. In terms of gear range, the Nuride Hybrid Performance 625 offers enough options for moderate off-road performance, mountain trails, and packed gravel or dirt. The 11-36 cassette provides a good range of gears to tackle various terrains with ease. Despite its affordability, Cube hasn't compromised on build quality. The aluminum alloy frame not only keeps the bike lightweight but also ensures durability and stability. With a weight of around 53 lbs, the Nuride Hybrid Performance 625 is several pounds lighter than many comparable models, reducing the strain during your rides. For easy mounting and dismounting, Cube offers a step-thru option for the Nuride Hybrid Performance 625. This feature allows for quick and secure mounting, making it convenient for riders of all abilities. While the Nuride Hybrid Performance 625 may not introduce any groundbreaking innovations, it still delivers on its promise of a reliable and comfortable performance hybrid e-bike. If you're on a budget and don't need all the bells and whistles, this bike is more than capable of handling mixed terrain and providing an enjoyable riding experience. As one reviewer mentioned, "Don't be fooled by the cheaper price though. The Nuride may have cheaper components, but unless you're planning on tackling some really tough terrain, this e-bike will be more than capable enough." Another reviewer commends the comfort-oriented approach of the Nuride line, highlighting the ease of use of the Shimano gears in even the roughest terrains. Overall, the Cube Nuride Hybrid Performance 625 is a solid choice for riders who prioritize affordability and versatility. Whether you're commuting, tackling mixed terrain, or going on longer tours, this e-bike has the features and performance to meet your needs.


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10 Reasons to Purchase the Cube Nuride Performance Hybrid 625

  • Slightly more affordable than the Kathmandu SLT 750 model, and other similar models within the CUBE line from 2020-2022.
  • Tires are Schwalbe Lancruiser 700x55c, which are puncture resistant and support rides across packed dirt, gravel, and off-road trails.
  • Shimano hydraulic brakes BR-MT200 work exceptionally well. They are supportive and sturdy, with a reliable history of use among riders.
  • 625Wh battery (Bosch PowerTube) can provide long battery life across ~100 miles, and is particularly attractive for those looking for a touring bike or endurance bike.
  • e-MTB mode is an attractive feature that you can select via display that dynamically adjusts support and allows for more power, performance.
  • Extended Boost on uphill trajectories or steep pathways helps to give riders the extra strength they need for more difficult riding, or for those encumbered with plenty of cargo.
  • Enough gear range for moderate off-road performance, mountain trails, and packed gravel/dirt with the 11-36 cassette.
  • The fitted rims are Shimano HB-TX505, which means they have a quick release and are incredibly easy to take care of.
  • Aluminum alloy helps keep the frame light, and despite all the features included with this E-bike, the total weight is only around ~53 lbs, several pounds lighter than plenty of comparable models.
  • Step-thru option allows for easy, fast, and secure quick-mounting.

3 Reasons to Not Purchase the Cube Nuride Performance Hybrid 625

  • Cheaper construction and components than other Cube models geared for off-road or all-terrain performance – but that does come at the benefit of slightly reduced cost.
  • Doesn’t really bring anything “new” to the table in terms of a Performance Hybrid from Cube. You could always opt for an older model for a lower cost.
  • Depending on the model you purchase, you may feel as though a higher 11 or 12-speed is required. This depends entirely on your level of use, and where you’ll be riding the bike.

Bottom Line

The CUBE Nuride Performance Hybrid sadly doesn’t really seem to offer anything new that you cannot find for a more affordable price point with different CUBE models. They utilize an older frame, and the only big jump is the newer performance line motor with the latest firmware update.  That all being said, the price point is still decent for a CUBE bike of this quality and stature, and there aren’t any glaring defects that make this a ‘bad’ bike. Traditional riders and off-road riders will get plenty of use out of it – we just advise looking around for other options first.


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