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June 30, 2023

Your Guide to the Best Utility Ebikes

Utility ebikes are the workhorses of micromobility, offering enough storage space and power to carry cargo and/or additional passengers.

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What is a utility ebike?
Who might buy a utility ebike?
Considerations when buying a utility ebike
product imageBlix Dubbel

What is a utility ebike?

Utility ebikes are a broad category of electric bikes that are generally defined by their ability to serve functions outside of simply transporting a rider. Most utility ebikes include cargo carrying space, either in the rear, front, or on the sides of the bike. Some also offer space for a passenger seat, which is usually sold separately as an accessory. Due to their improved carrying capacities, another common feature of a utility bike is a powerful motor and a long-lasting battery. 

Who might buy a utility ebike?

If you’re looking for a bike that can “get the job done,” a utility ebike is the right choice for you. They’re a great option for getting your kids to and from school, carrying tools around a job site, or hauling camping equipment. In fact, nowadays many delivery services have switched over from cars to utility bikes due to their load-carrying capabilities, sustainability, and affordability.  

Considerations when buying a utility ebike

Cargo capacity - If you’re looking for a bike that can carry additional cargo and/or passengers,  it’s important to consider how much capacity a utility ebike offers. Most manufacturers will include descriptions of the cargo space dimensions, their location(s) on the bike, and the overall weight capacity of the bike. 

Motor - Like we mentioned above, motor function is a key performance indicator for a utility ebike. If you’d like to learn more about different types of motors, check out our eBike Motors Buying Guide, but a general rule of thumb for utility ebike motors is the more torque, the better. 

Battery - If you plan on using your utility ebike for long periods throughout the day, you should pay attention to the bike’s battery capacity before making a purchase. Most manufacturers provide the battery’s capacity both in Volts, and the maximum range - the number of miles the ebike can be ridden before it needs to be recharged. Keep in mind that the max range of an ebike will vary depending on several factors, and this is by no means a guaranteed number. 

Tires - In choosing a utility ebike, customers should make sure their tires are capable of handling whatever terrain the bike will be used on. With that said, if you plan on taking your utility ebike offroad, it should be equipped with offroad tires, as road tires do not provide enough grip and traction to handle off road terrains.

Without further ado, let's get into the vehicles...

If you’re looking for a utility ebike that offers a wide range of accessories, look no further than the Blix Dubbel. 

6 Reasons to Buy the Blix Dubbel

  • The Dubbel has a wide range of attachment points for several accessories such as a child carrier, front rack, etc. 

  • One of the bike's best features is the unique dual battery option for extended range

  • The 750W motor is practically noiseless, giving riders an enjoyable ride with plenty of power

  • The bike is equipped with fat puncture-resistant tires with Kevlar technology

  • The bike's overall weight capacity is around 200 lbs., which is great for carrying additional cargo

  • The bike allows you to toggle between Class 2 and Class 3

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Blix Dubbel

  • The second battery further raises the already high price of this electric cargo bike

  • The one-size frame might not be suitable for all riders

  • The kickstand is positioned too low on the bike and could cause trouble while riding

Bottom Line

Thank you for reading this Blix Dubbel Review! We hope you have a clear idea of what this cargo electric bike can offer you, which is an affordable replacement for a car.  Considering the numerous mounting points, you can add a basket, rack, child seat, or even some other bike accessory and still have a comfortable ride around town. If that’s not worth your money, we don't know what is!

High quality components and a sturdy frame for improved carrying capacity - you can’t go wrong with the RadRunner 3 Plus

7 Reasons to Buy the RadRunner 3 Plus

  • 350+ Accessory Combinations to customize the RadRunner 3 Plus for your needs

  • The frame-integrated extended rear rack offers ample space for cargo or an extra passenger

  • More secure braking with hydraulic brakes and adjustable brake levers to fit a wide range of hand sizes

  • A low-step frame, suspension fork, and ergonomic saddle offer enhanced accessibility  and improved comfort for all types of riders.

  • An optional dual battery can mount under the rear rack and provide up to 100 miles of range.

3 Reasons to Not Buy the RadRunner 3 Plus

  • If you’re looking for a cargo bike to carry multiple kids and gear, the compact size of the RadRunner may not be a little small.

  • Looking for speed? The RadRunner 3 Plus is a Class 2 ebike with a maximum top speed of 20 mph.

  • The rear hub motor won’t provide quite as smooth of a pedal assist that a mid-drive motor will deliver.

Bottom Line

For 15 years, Rad Power Bikes has been laser-focused on expanding access to electric mobility with its innovative lineup of ebikes (and most recently, the new RadTrike). The RadRunner 3 Plus is yet another reason why Rad Power is one of the most trusted names in ebikes. 

Although it carries a bit of a higher price point, this utility bike from Cube offers some solid carrying capacity while maintaining a compact profile. 

10 Reasons to Purchase the CUBE 20” Compact Sport Hybrid

  • Fenders are attached well to the bike and don’t rattle over bumpy terrain, or while riding fast.

  • Despite being only available in a single frame sizing, both taller and shorter riders are accommodated with the adjustable angle stem, and telescoping height steer post.

  • The stem, the seat clamp, and both wheels offer a quick release mechanism that can make assembling it much easier, as well as performing any sort of maintenance.

  • PowerPack 500 is the highest power this Bosch battery pack is offered in, that still manages to be lightweight. The motor will also use more electricity from the higher power setup, so having the 500 v. the 400 does make a difference in terms of prolonging life.

  • Shimano Deore trigger shifters offer two-way action on the higher lever.

  • While the bike is still heavy at around approximately 50 lbs, the weight is positioned across the bike well, resting mostly in the center.

  • The bike has no drag when you’re pedaling unassisted or over approx. 20 mph.

  • Despite the default torque being 65nm-75nm, this can be upgraded to 85nm from a software update.

  • It has shorter cranks for limiting or reducing the possibility of pedal strike when leaning into turns.

  • Shimano ZEE derailleur 10-speed drivetrain is built for off-road, all-terrain, and heavy duty use.

4 Reasons to Not Purchase the CUBE 20” Compact Sport Hybrid

  • At a much higher price point when compared to other brand offerings for compact electric bikes, the CUBE may be out of range for many occasional riders. The increased quality of the parts does account for this – however, they may be unnecessary in a model such as this one.

  • Despite the high capacity Bosch PowerPack 500 battery being used for this model, CUBE specifically includes the slower 2 AMP charger compared to the 4 AMP. This means a much longer recharge/refill.

  • As a lower e-bike with fenders, it can be difficult to mount on vehicle racks. You may have to use bungee cords or a crossbar adaptor.

  • It has the most basic Bosch display panel: it doesn’t indicate average speed, clock, maximum speed, or other readouts provided on more comprehensive display panels. It is also not compatible with Bosch Connected phone apps, and cannot be removed.

Bottom Line

The CUBE 20” Compact Sport Hybrid may not do anything ‘new’ with the compact e-bike, but this bike is extremely well-made like the rest of the line, offering an extremely powerful motor and battery in a compact package.  With a wide range of utility, those looking for an e-bike that won’t take up a ton of space can easily traverse all types of terrain on a daily basis with this option from CUBE. Smooth to pedal and easy to use, we definitely recommend the CUBE Compact Sport Hybrid for urban dwellers or those commuting.

The Espin Nero may look like a regular ebike, but it’s equipped with offroad tires, an ultra-sturdy frame, and it has space for cargo attachments, making giving it plenty of utility.

11 Reasons to Buy the Espin Nero

  • The Espin Nero comes with a thumb throttle for efficient handling.

  • Since it’s made of aluminum, the bike is extremely lightweight yet sustainable.

  • Nero boasts a One Size Concept, which allows people of most ages and heights to rid.

  • The Nero can support a maximum of 300lbs due to its durable frame.

  • With large tires that have great grip, it is best for unpaved trails.

  • The bike has mudguards (including a Mudguard Rear Light PRO-E), a rear carrier, and a stable kickstand.

  • The Nero comes as front carrier ready.

  • With the LED headlights, you can easily ride it at night.

  • It comes with Locking Removable Battery Pack & Fenders.

  • Due to the 750-watt nominal/1000 peak output, the bike can be used for riding in almost all urban places. This motor allows it to reach speeds of 3 classes.

  • The bike has a great turning radius due to its 26-inch wheels, making it the perfect companion for city riding.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Espin Nero

  • The bike is not foldable.

  • The display is quite simple for a bike that costs that much.

  • It is available in only one frame size.

Bottom Line

The Espin Nero is one of the best entries by Espin in the world bikes. Not only does it look promising, but its durable frame and impressive battery timings, along with adjustable length, efficient, space-saving size, and innovative mechanisms, make it a contender for the best e-bikes around. The only downside is that it is not foldable. But if it isn’t a priority, then Espin Nero is the way to go.

The Benno RemiDemi is a new release for 2023, and it’s also a great option for those who want some carrying capacity but aren’t looking for a super bulky frame. 

10 Reasons to Buy the Benno RemiDemi 9D

  • Perfect for commuting, it’s easy to pedal and has a great range.

  • Pedal assist up to 80 miles.

  • It has a quiet motor compared to other ebikes.

  • The removable battery.

  • Plenty of accessories are available for this bike.

  • Its impressive display keeps you informed about your speed, distance traveled, and more.

  • The front basket for carrying groceries or other items is sturdy.

  • The brakes are some of the best on the market, ensuring a safe and smooth ride every time.

  • Stay extra safe while riding at night with the rear light that features two LEDs.

  • The sturdy frame is made with high-quality aluminum, ensuring that it can handle whatever you throw at it.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Benno RemiDemi 9D

  • It has no suspension – if you hit a bump, you're going to feel it.

  • Some feel the bike is too expensive for what it offers.

  • The bike is only available in one frame size, so if you’re not the right size for the frame, you won't be able to ride it.

Bottom Line

The Benno RemiDemi 9D is a high-quality electric bike perfect for those who want something compact with good carrying capacity. The Bosch motor system provides class 1 pedal assist, making it a great choice for those who want a powerful ebike that can still be easily pedaled. It does not have any suspension, which can make it difficult to ride on rough terrain. Nevertheless, the quality of the motor and the bike's overall design make it a solid choice for those looking for a high-quality ebike.

The Specialized Global Haul ST is one of the newest releases from one of the world’s most popular bike manufacturers, and it was awarded “Bike of the Year” for 2023 by Bicycling Magazine. 

6 Reasons to Buy the Globe Haul ST

  • Haul ST includes attachment capabilities to add extra carrying space on the front, rear, and the sides of the vehicle

  • Cargo attachments can be temporarily removed for more low-profile riding when cargo space isn’t needed

  • Hydraulic disc brakes on front and rear tires ensure consistent, reliable stopping

  • Optional Passenger Kit comfortably fits a second rider on the Haul ST for just under $200

  • Premium aluminum frame comes with a lifetime warranty ensuring a solid ride for as long as you own the bike

  • Adjustable seat post and handlebars allows both taller and shorter riders to cruise comfortably

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Globe Haul ST

  • Haul ST is not the most affordable e-cargo bike on the market; several competitors offer cheaper vehicles

  • Comes only with pedal-assist; throttle attachment must be purchased separately

  • Riding with side pannier attachments may take some getting used to

Bottom Line

With the Globe Haul ST, Specialized has delivered the same quality that they have become known for over their 50 years of bike production. While the bike itself is as rigid as they come, the design of this vehicle is made to be flexible to the rider's needs. Whether you just need an electrified commuter bike, or a two-wheeled pickup truck, the Haul St has got you covered.

As the most affordable option on our list, the Lectric XPedtition proves that ebikes can offer utility without breaking the bank. 

7 Reasons to Buy the Lectric XPedition

  • The XPedition’s max payload capacity of 450 pounds allows riders to haul some serious weight behind them

  • Dual-battery capacity offers riders up to 150 miles of range on a single charge

  • Brand new Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PRW) system gives riders the ability to control the power expenditure of the pedal assist.

  • 180 mm front and rear hydraulic brakes provide an ultra-responsive and low-maintenance braking system, giving riders the peace of mind they deserve

  • Foldable frame makes the XPedition easy to store and transport (folding down to a compact 72 x 12 x 32 inch package), in contrast to many other cargo designs

  • 1,310 W peak motor helps the XPedition maintain a top speed of 28 mph even while hauling another passenger or additional cargo

  • Lectric saves their customers headaches - vehicle ships fully assembled and is backed by a one-year warranty and a full US customer service base

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Lectric XPedition

  • If you're looking for something super compact, the XPedition may not fold down enough to fit your needs

  • Only available in step-through frame, which may make bike rack locking a challenge

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a reliable e-cargo bike, but want to save some money, look no further than the Lectric XPedition. New to the Lectric lineup, the XPedition is a great ride at a great value, with some extra trunk space too!

Last but not least, the Tern HSD is the newest release from the Taiwan-based company, and it includes a long-tail cargo space and a nifty folding feature that makes it easy to store. 

10 Reasons to Buy the Tern HSD

  • The Tern HSD is one of the most compact electric cargo bikes on the market, making it easy to store and transport.

  • With a load capacity of up to 374 lbs, the Tern HSD can handle all your cargo needs.

  • Forget about being stuck in traffic – with the Tern HSD, you’ll get where you need to go quickly and easily, while having fun at the same time!

  • Ride in stealth mode with the powerful and quiet Bosch motors.

  • Pedal up to four times as fast with assistive modes that give you a boost.

  • Monitor your speed, battery life, distance traveled, and more on the display screen.

  • Stay safe while riding at night with an integrated front and rear light.

  • Stop on a dime with the strong brakes.

  • The ebike can be stored vertically, saving space in your home or office.

  • Regardless of your height, you’ll be able to comfortably ride the Tern HSD.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Tern HSD

  • The battery on the Tern HSD ebike can be tricky to remove, making it difficult to service and replace.

  • You can't mount a second battery on the Tern HSD ebike, which limits its range and makes it less convenient to use.

  • The Tern HSD ebike is quite expensive.

Bottom Line

The Tern HSD is a great mini cargo ebike that is perfect for families and running errands. It offers good performance, with a powerful motor and brakes that make it very responsive.  However, it can be expensive, so be sure to check out all the options before making a purchase. Overall, the Tern HSD is a great option for those looking for a powerful and reliable mini cargo ebike.

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