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Cube - The Supreme Sport Hybrid ONE 400

Updated: September, 2023


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If you're in the market for an e-bike that offers both comfort and performance, then the Cube - The Supreme Sport Hybrid ONE 400 should definitely be on your radar. This e-bike has garnered quite a bit of attention from reviewers, and after pouring through their feedback, we at Ride Review can confidently say that this is a solid option for riders of all levels. One standout feature of the Cube Supreme is its hydraulic disc brakes. According to reviewers, this cooling system is superior to mechanical brakes, providing better stopping power and more consistent performance. Cube takes it a step further by using 180mm rotors both front and rear to accommodate the larger 28" wheels of this model. Another pro of the Cube Supreme is its quality drivetrain. Despite being only 9-speed, the Shimano system on this e-bike is lightweight, durable, reliable, and perfectly adequate for your daily biking needs. Additionally, reviewers have praised the ability to charge the battery either on or off the bike, and the included 4 AMP charger delivers a super speedy charge. In terms of construction, the Cube Supreme boasts a 36 spoke setup, which enhances the balance and strength of the bike, especially considering its heavier build. Cube also offers this e-bike in four different frame sizes, ensuring that riders of all heights can find a comfortable fit. Plus, the wider seat tube of this model supports a wider seat post, contributing to improved frame strength. Reviewers also appreciate the proper weight distribution of the Cube Supreme. The battery and motor are both positioned at the center of the frame and protected by a black shield cover. This design choice helps maintain a balanced ride and adds an extra layer of protection for these crucial components. Additional features that have garnered praise include the high-quality headlight and rear light. Both provide ample visibility and are built to last. The rear light is even integrated into the fender itself, adding a sleek touch to the overall design. The Cube Supreme also features the Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor, which offers impressive power output and pairs well with this e-bike. Of course, no product is without its drawbacks. Some reviewers have noted that the headlight, mounted to the arch of the suspension fork, may bounce in this position since it's unsprung. This can affect visibility, and some feel that mounting the headlight on the handlebar or stem would be an improvement. Another drawback is the lower battery capacity of the PowerTube 400 that comes with this model. The powerful Bosch Performance Line motor used in the Cube Supreme does consume more power, and some reviewers suggest opting for a higher capacity battery for longer rides. Fortunately, the battery can always be upgraded down the line. One disappointment mentioned by reviewers is the Purion interface. This display is not removable, lacks certain features like max speed indication and shifting recommendation, and has a limited readout. It also cannot charge or connect to smartphones and is not compatible with the smartphone app for Bosch. Lastly, some reviewers have experienced an issue with the kickstand position. If the kickstand is not adjusted correctly, it can block the left crank arm when pedaling backward, causing an inconvenience known as "pedal lock." In conclusion, the Cube - The Supreme Sport Hybrid ONE 400 offers many noteworthy features that make it a solid choice for riders seeking a comfortable, reliable, and powerful e-bike. Its hydraulic disc brakes, quality drivetrain, and ability to charge the battery on or off the bike are all highlights. With its proper weight distribution and thoughtful construction, this e-bike ensures a balanced and enjoyable ride. While the headlight position, lower battery capacity, limited display, and kickstand issue are minor drawbacks, they do not outweigh the overall positive aspects of the Cube Supreme.


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10 Reasons to Purchase the Cube Supreme Sport Hybrid ONE

  • Better cooling via hydraulic disc brakes, which are always superior to mechanical. In this model, Cube is using 180mm rotors front + rear to accommodate for the larger 28” wheels.
  • Quality drivetrain. Despite only being 9-speed, the Shimano on this model is lightweight, durable, reliable, and perfectly adequate for whatever daily biking needs you have.
  • Able to charge the battery on/off the bike, and the 4 AMP charger can help with a super speedy charge.
  • 36 spoke v. 32 spoke set-up helps with the balance and strength of the model – especially given that this is a heavier bike.
  • Available in four frame sizes.
  • Wider seat tube compared to other Cube models that can support a wider seat post. This can contribute to improved frame strength.
  • Proper weight distribution, where the battery and motor are both at the center of the frame. All protected by the black shield cover.
  • Chainring does not produce any sort of drag when riding unassisted + allows for shift detection to prevent wear on the drivetrain.
  • Headlight and rear light are both good quality, with the rear light built into the fender itself.
  • Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor allows for some of the highest power output you’ll see from the Bosch line, and this e-bike accommodates the enhanced motor well.

4 Reasons to Not Purchase the Cube Supreme Sport Hybrid ONE

  • Headlight mounted to the arch of the suspension fork, meaning it can bounce in this position as it is unsprung compared to if it were mounted on the handlebar or stem for improved visibility.
  • As this comes with the powerful Bosch Performance Line motor, it does use much more power – and this model comes with the PowerTube 400 which is the lowest capacity battery. Of course, this can always be upgraded later.
  • The Purion interface is not removable and does not indicate max speed, average speed, power output, clock, or shifting recommendation. It is also pretty small, with a very limited readout. It cannot charge smartphones, connect to them, and is not compatible with the smartphone app for Bosch.
  • Kickstand position has a tendency to block the left crank arm if you back up or spin the crank backwards; “pedal lock.”

Bottom Line

The Cube Supreme Sport Hybrid ONE 400 is an easy-to-maneuver and approachable stand-thru e-bike with all the bells & whistles. Comfortable design and reliable 9-speed cassette make this model optimal for commuting around cities, or for more relaxed neighborhood riding.  At the cost of slightly reduced range and increased noise, you get a higher torque and more pedal cadence support that is noticeable.  The Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor is generally quiet though, and offers more support compared to the Active Line. Given some other basic feature drawbacks, like the PowerTube 400 (lowest battery capacity from Bosch) and extremely basic suspension form – this model works best for a non-professional, more recreational rider or commuter.


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